Sunday, August 12, 2007

Two dollars to play two dollars to win..

"...six players for a choice prize..six players choice prize.. I need six players for a choice prize.. two dollars to play to dollars to win ..six players for a choice prize..."

Stephen and I spent Saturday afternoon at Coney Island. We have not been since the winter trip we took to the Aquarium where we happened upon the Polar Bear Club doing their thing. This time we came to play some serious Skeeball and ride the infamous Cyclone. We decided to make that our first stop. This wooden roller coaster is slathered in 246 layers of shiny white paint and the men that work the ride are as much a part of the experience as the hand painted signs that warn you to secure not only your glasses and hats but also your wig when entering the ride. Stephen and I decided to go balls out and ride in the very last car. We far underestimated the power of the Cyclone. I have never been so whipped around and beaten up on a ride in my life! I have been on many wooden roller coasters but none like this one. I felt as though I had been strapped to block of lead and pushed over the edge of a steep cliff. Our screams were genuine as we were whipped around the turns and hurtled down the dips feeling as though we might fly right out of the tiny car. It was probably the most fantastic coaster ride I have ever been on. When it was over we stumbled out of the car, rubbing our wounds and unable to stop laughing. You know you have been on a fantastic ride when you leave unable to wipe the smile from your face. I don't even mind the bruised thigh and elbow I woke up with today. It was more than worth it.

We hope to go back as many times as possible this year. For those of you who don't know, Coney Island is being replaced. You heard it right. Coney Island is being replaced by condos and one of those overpriced amusement park things like Six Flags or something. Soon the Cyclone and the Wonder Wheel of Astroland will meet their doom. I can't help but be against it. It is a historic land mark and I think they are making a mistake to mess with it. Sure, its old and worn down but there in lies its charm. I am sure the changes being made are fiscally responsible for the owners - whoever they are. But it still feels like a mistake and it makes me sad. I like being able to walk around take in the all of that Americana. I am not sure I will want to bother visiting some bright and shiny new park...

We skipped the ridiculous line at Nathans this time and instead bought our junk food on the boardwalk. Corn dog, fries, funnel cake, corn on the cob, lemonade and beer. We responsibly split each of these items - to keep from lapsing into a grease coma.

Last night we had our friends Adam and Nicole over for dinner. We threw some kabobs on the ol' grill and then sat around visiting, stuffing ourselves with freshly grilled veggies and pineapple and the fabulous pasta salad that Adam and Nicole brought. It was such a nice visit and I wish we had done it sooner. These sort of days make me wish the summer would stretch on a little longer.

Today I woke up with a migraine so we had to skip church. After I finally recovered we walked over to Sunset Park, picking up some fresh tacos on the way. We sat under a shady tree looking out at the city across the river and enjoying our lunch. Wondering why anyone would want to live over there. We decided that we were sure they had their reasons and they were probably very good, but we were also sure that we much preferred the peace of Brooklyn and were glad we both felt the same way on the matter.

What a view.

Stephen is working in his studio and I am watching episode 3 in Ken Burns "Civil War". If you have never seen this I highly recommend it. It is not only fascinating, but has the effect of making me feel closer to my fellow Americans and the history we share. We have been on a Ken Burns kick with Netflix lately. Last week it was "Civil War" and "The Shakers".

Hope everyone else is having a nice lazy Sunday afternoon.