Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

State Fair

This weekend was the last weekend of the North Carolina State Fair. I got to go twice. Once last night with my BFF Joyce.. and once this morning with my family.

Joyce and I spent some time looking for Funnel Cakes that were made without eggs or dairy.. no dice. Poor Joyce. We went and had some Krispy Kreme instead.

This morning we took the babies. They got to see all sorts of animals. Margot was very cautious around the goats.

A good time was had by all. More soon.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Twin baby girls in tutus, excited to see that their daddy is home.

Twin baby girls in tutus, within our reflection.

Twin baby girls in tutus. My heart overflows.

Margot is feeling much better... in case you couldn't tell.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I am taking our tiny little girl to get tubes put into her ears tomorrow morning at 6:15am. This chronic ear infection has survived the nuclear bomb of antibiotics for a couple weeks now and after her 3rd round of tummy destroying meds, the ear nose and throat doc said tubes were a must to relieve the pressure in her little ears. She has been such a trooper through all of this. I just hope I have her courage when I hand her over to the nurse tomorrow morning at the Surgery Center. The procedure only takes about 15 minutes but I have a feeling it is going to feel like 5 hours to this mommy's anxious heart. The fact that I can't be with her when she falls asleep upsets me to no end. Oh well... it's the second most common procedure in the country and I know she will feel so much better afterward. Shoring up my courage tonight. How pathetic is that? I'm not even the one going under the (very tiny) knife! My own sweet mama is here, spending the night so she can be here in the morning to keep Ada company while we are gone and help tomorrow while I help Margot recover. They say by the evening we won't even be able to tell anything happened to her. As common as this all is.. we would still appreciate your prayers for tomorrow.


..smiling babies in the kitchen..

...making chocolate chip cookies with Mama on a cold and gray day..

..a small girl in a pink shirt helping to make said cookies.

Boone is friends who greet you on the porch when you arrive after 10pm with sleeping babies. It's friends who hug you tight and help you set up your twin cribs .. help you put your babies down to sleep in their own room..that they let you stay in while they camp out in the guest room.. it's friends who share their homemade dinner with you after they have helped to unload your car.. friends who prepare the most delicious food imaginable.. who make pancakes with bacon in them for breakfast.. who keep a hot pot of coffee going at all times.. who stay up after all the babies have gone to bed to drink a few beers, talk passions, and kick your tail at Wii. Boone is familiar belly laughs and comfortable silences. A place where Oliver can run free and chase field mice. Boone is our haven. We love you guys.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


This evening we went for a walk as we often do after the girls eat dinner.

Before we went for our stroll, we decided to explore our little piece of world outside the front door.

The fading sunlight made their curls and eyelashes glow golden.

Ada struck out on her own and we watched with fascination to see which path she would choose.

Her first fall leaf and she was so excited she wanted to share it with me. The thrill. The thrill of being here to witness another human beings firsts.. first discoveries.. first looks..

Cautiously she tripped towards me along the sidewalk.

With reckless abandon she scuttled toward the open road to discover the curb, the street signs, the house in the distance. I held her sister close as I watched Stephen head her off, keeping her safe from dangers that do not exist in her tiny world. I whispered that I would always hold her close, as close as this moment. I will remember this moment.

Photo Jumble From the Surprise Visit


This is a bit late but we have been sick and teething around here. Almost two weeks ago now (wow can't believe it has already been that long) I flew Stephen's brother, David, out here for a surprise visit. He was surprised.. even though it doesn't really look like much on the video.

I also conspired with Stephen's dad for he and Mary to visit the same weekend. So Stephen didn't know that anyone was coming. Mary didn't know that David was going to be here.. Larry, David and I were the partners in crime. It worked out pretty well, even though Mary got suspicious and even brought David a scarf just in case he was here :) I forgot to open the lens cap for the first little bit of this video.. whoops.

I love putting things like this together. It was so perfect because David flew in on Thursday during the time that I normally go grocery shopping so Stephen had no reason to suspect anything was up when I drove away that evening. After David arrived, we ate the pizza that Stephen made for dinner and were just hanging out (watching Thursday night NBC goodness) when the doorbell rang and there were Mary and Larry. The girls were so excited to wake up the next morning and see Uncle David with Grammy and Grandpa there to greet them. We need to do this sort of thing more often.