Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We are in Tally having a great time. This is our fourth day here and that means we are all pretty relaxed and settled into our vacation schedule. Today, that schedule included some pool time at a very generous friend's house with our buddies seen above in the picture. The girls are water bugs. I think they would stay in the water all day if we let them. We might try that when we get to Palm Harbor this weekend.

Ms. Margot is absolutely fearless. She runs right off the side and into daddy's waiting arms. He lets her splash right down into the water and then scoops her up and she has nothing but a giant smile on her faces as she blinks the water out of her eyes.

Grammy and Ada practiced swimming. I am pretty sure she thinks she can breathe the water. I had a problem with this boldness recently. I went to a friend's community pool that had a huge 2 foot section for little guys to play in. Our girls have never been in a pool that shallow (other than a wading pool). Instead of walking around in the water like the other, more normal, kids... my little kittens assumed the above position and went right under the water.. and made no attempt to get up! This was alarming. I of course grabbed them out post haste and then my friend Jenn and I spent the rest of the time trying to get them to put their feet down and walk around in the shallow water. My goodness. This was not an issue that I ever thought we would have! Ada finally got the hang of it.. but the texture of the pool bottom was too much for GoGo.. maybe next time.

Look at that little butterfly! A fearless flyer.

First thing in the morning

Look at these adorable bed heads. Don't ya just wanna pick 'em up and kiss 'em right on the mouth? I sure do.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Hellooooooooo out there. It is I, the absentee blogger. It has been just over a month since we last spoke and I have to tell you.. it has been a doozy of a doozy of a month. There is no chance that I am going to recap all of it for you because.. that would be a)self indulgent b)very very boring but here is my nutshell version. Stephen went to Greece for a week, I simultaneously lost my sanity and gained the utmost respect for single mothers while taking care of my extremely whiny ladies and trying to move our home. I had lots of help with move and believe it or not we were fully moved, unpacked, organized and settled by the time Stephen came home on that Tuesday (Ha YA! {karate chop}). Then we went through the last two weeks of school with graduation and all the crazy drama that brings (make it to lots of events to mingle and eat free food can be very draining.. at least according to my dear husband). Then the girls caught hand foot and mouth disease while Mary and Tracy were here for a special visit.. we got to visit with MKD on his tour of the Old North State.. I had some righteous migraines..tried desperately hard to catch up on lost sleep and get over a case of sheer exhaustion.. caught a cold while we were at the beach with my parents.. got some sun and am now packing for our Friday trip to sunny Florida. I realize that is a pretty big nutshell but, there you have it. Don't you feel better now knowing what I have been up to. I thought so. And now, as is my custom, I will give you a few one liners about the random photos that follow:

Sad to admit it but this is the only photo we took while at the beach with my parents. Still it's pretty cute - Stephen with Margot in her jammies before bed.

Our favorite thing to do is play in the water.. pretty sure Ada could sit in that water filled wagon until she turned into a raisin.

Margot loves to drink from the sprinkler.

When Grammy came she brought us a Curious George. Ada adores him.

We now have room for an actual dining table. Will post pictures of our house soon I think.

"Stuck!" this is the alert we get when something like that happens.

Pretty sure Tay-Tay took this picture but I just found it and it was too cute to pass up. Ada looks like she has a secret.

G.G., Nana, and Aunt B came to play so Stephen and I could go to graduation. Ada had so much fun sitting in G.G.'s lap.. don't let that serious look fool you.

Yes, my kids dump their frozen peas on the floor sometimes and yes, I let them eat them right off the floor.

While Daddy was in Greece, the girls seemed to feel better with his t-shirts on. Spent several days tripping around the house like that. It was pretty sweet really.

Our bright blue front door is just perfect for chalk murals and Margot is a master.

We are loving the new house, so much. The kitchen is huge, the front porch is peaceful, the neighbors are friendly .. feels like we moved to the right spot. Can't believe we are living in a house and paying less for it. Amazing. Such a blessing.

I know I am about to go on vacation but I am planning to get back in the blogging groove while I am away so... fret not thou bloggy friends out there... I shall return.. but for now.. good-night.