Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Jack White sighting

Stephen took me to see the Raconteurs on the 25th at the Roseland Ballroom. This was my birthday present.. and what a present it was too!!! Take a look, I mean..we were so close I could have spit on Jacky boy - if I had been so inclined. Poor Brendan Benson..I do love his one CD that I have and I love him in the group but he can't help but be second fiddle to the mighty White Stripe himself! I know its pathetic but Jack White is one of the few real rock-n-rollers out there and he is darn good - not to mention pretty good lookin too! In a really pale skin, stringy black hair kind of way :) The guy has such a crazy voice and whether he is playing his own stuff or covering that Nancy Sonatra classic "Bang Bang" (if thats not the real song title I apologize but you all know what I am talking about here.. Kill Bill???) he is just brilliant and a real kick to watch in person. Anyway, I felt a little old being there at 28 but Stephen reminded me that I was being psycho and that we will (apparently) be going to concerts and shows like this until we have grandkids. I will say this, Jack was alot bigger in person than I thought he would be. I mean that guy is larger than life but he was really a big guy! Tall and thick. Color me star-struck.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

day in the park

There are so many things to do around here on the weekend that I have actually been having slight anxiety attacks on Saturday mornings trying to decide what to do! This weekend we ended up walking to Park Slope several times. The weather was so beautiful it was really hard to stay indoors so we didn't! We have explored several avenues and so far 7th and 8th seem to be the most full of restaurants and great little shops. The park is really fab too. We actually found a nature trail yesterday to walk on. Though they had made a water fall a little along and people were stopped looking at it like it was some incredible thing and it was just a man made water fall all fenced off that you couldn't wade in or anything. Stephen and I were happy to see it though it was fabrication but chuckled to ourselves and the Brooklynites standing around it in peaceful awe. Today we went to see a movie and then walked back home, picked up our favorite tacos on the way home then drove all the way back to the park after collecting Oli and a blanket. Stephen napped while I made our shopping list and looked through cookbooks for a new recipe for the week. It's been a pretty amazing weekend really..

my sweet husband and his patient eyes..

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Welcome to Brooklyn Baby!!!!!

After a month with no internet service I am happy to report that we are finally tucked into the new place in Brooklyn!!! We are living in Greenwood Heights, right next to the famous Greenwood Cemetary, more on that to come in the very near future.
I was going to post pictures from the move itself - nightmare - but decided that it would only give me a panic attack to look at those images so its all better left un-looked-at! The appartment is on the 3rd floor of a pale green row house. I would have taken these during the day but I got home later than I would have liked. At any rate the world will have to wait for views of the outside. I can not tell you how amazing it has been to live here so far.. Brooklyn is my favorite place I have lived so far in my life. Our neighborhood is mostly Spanish and Indian and while I am often embarrassed to be part of the gentrification wave from Park Slope, everyone is crazy friendly and I think I judge myself more than my neighbors judge me so that feels nice. Anyway.. here is a tour.. the above is the living room.. with the lovely new vintage orange couch!

View into the living room..

This is the tiny bedroom.. its the perfect size and we each have our own closet so thats nice

Here is our huge kitchen! I am having a really hard time deciding which room I love spending time in more.. the kitchen or the living room.. they are both SO cozy and I love to sit by the windows in each.. the kitchen windows overlook all the backyards with their gardens and clothes lines.. its like being in the country..

The place is what they call railroad style so the rooms are all in a line. To get from the kitchen to the living room you have to walk through the bedroom. We could have put the bedroom where the living room is but somehow this set-up makes the best sense spacially. It turns out everyone else in the building has done their places in the same way. Stephen's studio is off the living room but its not quite ready for a photo shoot. We are still putting things together.. adding and taking away.. but its getting there and we are so happy to be here!