Saturday, April 16, 2016

To Wrap Up or Rap On..

Hello dead blog space. I must sincerely apologize for leaving you with such a post as the last one written for so many months. Seeing that last post every time I visited this space was a bit like seeing an unwashed mirror and refusing to get the Windex. So, I have found the paper towels. I didn't care for that last post and it is gone so there's that.

I am going to do a bit of pruning here. Going through old posts and deleting those rambling senseless poorly written whining words that I don't care for. After that I am frankly unsure of what to do in this space. I could pick up where I am and begin to write of our daily life here, or I can put this space neatly into a box and tuck it on a high shelf in the closet.. kept safe for the girls until the next time they want to see what life was like when they were little.

Does anyone still see this space besides myself? Do any of you still check in here who once read my ramblings? If so.. will you comment so I can see you there?