Tuesday, April 30, 2013

International Night

Tonight was International Night at school. We serenaded by the entire lower school waving flags representing the various countries they have been studying all year. They have done crafts, learn facts, prepared and tried new foods. The girls Pre-K class partnered with a kindergarten class in Canada and have exchanged packages and also Skyped with their northern friends on the smart board in the classroom. It's been pretty fabulous. Before I go any further.. if you haven't already seen THIS on Stephen's FB page.. I suggest you click and enjoy.

Moving on. After the performance there was a fun skit by some of the 3rd graders (?) in Spanish and then the entire 3rd grade class did this fun song where they named all the South American countries and their capitals. Then half the alphabet of parents were released to do the next phase of the night and the rest of us watched a great video compilation of each classroom and what they had done in studying their various countries. 

Then it was our turn to move on. This meant visiting the girls classroom to pick up their little Passports (complete with little photos of them inside - eek! the cuteness!!). Then we got to visit each classroom and get their passports stamped and take a look first hand at what the teachers and kids had been learning. It.Was.Awesome.

In India (Kindergarten) the girls were thrilled to recognize the Indian music playing in the background as the same music we hear on Sundays in the car on the way home from Church. They reminded us that Baby Adam lives in India and then went straight for the beautiful clothing some kind family agreed to share. Had to take a picture with their favorite sparkly dress.

Then in Kenya there were the Giraffes. For those who aren't aware Ada's absolute favorite animal on the planet is a "B'Jaff". She can say it the right way now but man it was so cute the old way. Margot is trying out a new look for the camera.. again.

Brazil brought with it Carnival and the girls went straight for the fancy. Indicating favorites here.

Guatemala had some beautiful dolls .. like a bee to honey are my girls to fanciness.

Guatemala also had one of these.. a marimba? Perhaps? Forgot.

Tonight was one of those nights that I was overwhelmed with the blessing of being a part of this school. I have no idea how many years that blessing will last but I am so grateful for each day in this community.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Morning Light

Stephen caught Margot joining me for my quiet time one morning a few weeks back. 

She had shared some of my yogurt and granola and then run back inside to get her own little devotional (a Golden Book "Prayers for Children" that someone gave us as a baby gift"). She read me each page.

It was so chilly that morning and the air was full of song birds calling to one another - hidden in our tangle of trees and English ivy.

Soon Ada joined us and sweet little girl prayers turned to full on bird watching.

This blog was started as a way to share daily life with loved ones. When I look back I see carefully recorded moments in my life as a mother of infant twins. Then Frankie arrived and things tapered drastically. I have spent a lot of time being in the moment in the last few weeks. That means fewer pictures taken and no updates here. What does it mean to spend every moment doing something with a member of your family.. or doing something to take care of your family ..or yourself? It leaves little time for anything else. This happens to be one of the things that I need to do to take care of myself. It takes time and for that reason alone I have tried to avoid it to see if it was truly necessary to my life. I find myself feeling backed up and unable to remember all the beautiful instants in my days because my mind fills and spills and there is nothing there to catch the runoff. So I find this place a necessity. As such I am going to attempt to treat it with the same reverence I hold for my thrice weekly trips to the Y to swim the laps that are a necessary lifeblood for this weary mind. I need a place to spill and some spills are neat and others are messy. Today it's a neat spill of a treasured moment. The moment itself was treasured but then there's the fact that Stephen saw it and wanted to capture it. There is nothing like your husband wanting to record something you are doing. To capture your image in the same moment your heart is storing away treasures for later years. I just said moment about 38 times.

Thank you for not abandoning hope - those of you who still stop by to see if I am still breathing over here ;)

Sunday, April 14, 2013