Monday, January 21, 2008


Stephen and I were laying low this weekend. So if you tried to reach us via email or phone and you haven't heard back from us yet, don't fret. We were just being a little anti-social and tomorrow will be back to normal as we jump into the post long weekend work week.

Saturday we went to the New Museum on Bowery in SOHO ( Not sure where they came up with the name but it is actually a new art museum in the area. Stephen went to the opening with our friend Matt but I hadn't been yet. Actually I have not been to see any new art in quite some time. Can't remember the last time I was in Chelsea. This is a real shame since this is the time of year to go. The galleries are full of fantastic shows and I am missing out. I need to get my act together.

What I am going to say about the New Museum might sound harsh but it was my impression so here goes. Overall I have to say I would give it a C. First off the space itself is small. That I don't mind so much because you can get through it quickly. There is one elevator - one. Since waiting for this elevator could take as long as a trip through the whole museum the smart choice is to take the stairs, which are super narrow, steep, and packed with people (this could just be my tired pregnant side talking). There is a terrace on the 7th floor that is open all of the time and it is pretty refreshing to step out there and get some fresh air after scaling the stairs. The whole place felt like it was built in a month. You know that feeling when you walk into a pre-fab home filled with IKEA wares ? Felt like that. Plastic, impermanent, temporary, fragile and cheap. Couple that with the fact that they had Thomas Hirschhorn collage up and you might wonder why I didn't just turn around and leave after being handed my ticket. In case you didn't know, I despise Thomas Hirschhorn's work. Despise, hate. Anyone who makes art with photos and images of disemboweled war and suicide victims .... I just can't relate and don't want to. If you have never seen any of it feel free to Google him but I won't put a link on my site.

The rest of the show was like any other group show you might see. Some work was fantastic, other pieces dull and lifeless, still others trying too hard. There was some really good work and it was refreshing to be in that atmosphere again (despite my harsh criticism of the museum's construction). There were dirty art kids everywhere and loads of interesting conversations going on. I guess I never realized what a museum snob I am. I really like the solid, stoic feeling of MoMA and The Whitney, The Museum of Natural History and The Met. I like feeling like the building has been there much longer than I have been alive and will remain there long after I am gone. I need to work on my respect factor for new establishments. The New Museum is probably totally green construction or something - which is admirable. Maybe this is just all pregnancy hormones talking.

Really loved that terrace.

Exterior shot

Friday, January 18, 2008


We got our first congratulation cards yesterday for the babies. The first was an e-card from our buddy Julie and when I got home last night, there was a card from my brother Page and his wife Jenny. So sweet. Now I have a first something to put in the baby book :)

I am feeling better day by day and this morning's commute was the best by far. Riding the train when you are attempting to keep you breakfast in place is not so fun. I never noticed just how much the subway smells before - P.U. At any rate, it is getting better bit by bit.

Today was jeans day at work so I was feeling wonderfully casual when I left the house this morning in my jeans, Doc Martins and red puffer jacket. I have been listening to Podcasts lately instead of music, alternating between The Ricky Gervais Show and Tim Keller's sermons that I have been missing. For some reason have all that talking going on in my ears keeps my mind from wandering and quiets my own personal voices. Today I felt like some music. I went for the band that never lets me down - The Shins. True to form I was practically skipping down the sidewalk after about a block. Feeling so optimistic I am not even sure if Debbie Downer could have deflated my balloon. The sky was blue and the sun bright and for a split second I pondered playing hooky and just walking straight past the train station and on to Staten Island. Good girl that I am, I got on the train. I was so excited and pumped listing to the happy upbeat tunes in my ears that even though I got a fantastic window seat - perfect for napping - I stayed awake the whole time trying to keep from smiling like an idiot. As we went over the bridge, I watched a tugboat puffing along behind a barge and I was suddenly overwhelmed (as I often am on the bridge for some reason) with a feeling of home, as in... this is my home. When we passed over China Town I had a vision of myself bodily clinging to the ornate moldings on the buildings exterior - desperate not to leave... desperate to stay in the city where I have collected a set of the happiest memories and experiences of my entire life.

With twins on the way, we have no choice but to move back south where we can afford to live with Stephen being the bread winner and me staying home with the little ones. We are excited about moving, both feeling like our time here has officially come to an end with no regrets. We have lived the heck out of this place and I am so glad that we did. Nevertheless... I am going to MISS it here. I will miss my friends and my job and the familiar places that I have enjoyed so much these last two years.

It feels good somehow to be giving up something I really love for a couple of someones that I am growing to love.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

This just in..

..well it was bound to happen eventually...I am pregnant :) But wait! There's more... we are having TWINS!!!! The fuzzy pictures above of those little jelly bean shapes are what the doctor affectionately referred to as Twin A and Twin B. I am about 8 weeks along ..due on August 26th (as of right now at least). I think Stephen and I are still in shock, walking around with big silly smiles and talking to the Sea Monkeys that are currently making their mommy pretty exhausted.

My trip to the doctor this week was surreal to say the least. I had an appointment on the 23rd originally but I had some spotting over the weekend that got me pretty upset so they were able to squeeze me in on Wednesday, to check things out. Stephen wanted to come with me but I insisted that I would be just fine and sent him off to work. I sort of thought they would just do some tests to make sure I was still pregnant and then tell me to come back on the 23rd, instead they decided to go ahead and make this my first official appointment and take blood and do a sonogram and all the "usual" stuff. I was so nervous. Sure they would tell me that there was nothing in there and question me on just what made me think I was pregnant in the first place - I was prepared to defend myself, to let them know that I had taken 5 pregnancy tests and they were all positive so I most definitely was pregnant.

I sat trembling in the sonogram room. Then she came in - the most amazing and wonderful doctor I have ever had the pleasure to be seen by. She - was - perfect. She was so happy and smiley and looked me directly in the eyes and didn't make me feel rushed - no scary green bucket in sight. Then it was go time. Suddenly there I was, looking at the image of my baby on the screen, it's little heart beat so strong. Doc said everything looked wonderful and the babe looked very healthy and strong. "Let me just make sure there aren't any more in here.." "Ha!" said I, "Well they do run in the family!" "You know what.... I think I do see another heartbeat.." " you don't......" "Yes I think I do.. look here.. see that little flicker in the corner.... See I will show you both.. here is Twin A..and we keep moving and over here is Twin B... congratulations!!!" Just like that. Just as matter of fact as you please. The rest of the visit is sort of a blur.. she told me some stuff about what I should be eating and no eating... talked about the differences in a twin pregnancy from a singleton pregnancy.. I tried to pay attention...but my mind was racing.. I couldn't wait to get outside so I could call Stephen.

So there you have it, the Lord has answered our prayers for a instant family to be exact! We are both so happy and excited we hardly know how to think about it. I, for one, have not fully collected my thoughts..but I am starting to come out of my stupor bit by bit...I am going to be a Mama... poor Oliver has no idea what's in store :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008


We were in Seattle last weekend for the wedding of our good friend Michael to the lovely Megan. Jeremy and Michelle came as well and they brought Maddie, aka Mole Face. We shared a suite at a hotel near the church. It was so awesome to see everyone again - it has been a very long time. It's so nice to have these sort of friends, where time stands still until you meet up again. We spent some time at Pikes Place Market - tourist trap and super fun place to walk around and visit while looking at stuff.

This chick was actually selling real Ocarinas.. you know.. like the one Link uses in his search for Zelda ? She even had a song book with all the Zelda tunes.. so sweet.

Maddie was such a patient little girl and we all got to pass her around and enjoy her sweet smiles.

The obligatory self portrait shot.

The fish and fresh seafood in the market made me want to grab a bunch and go home and prepare a feast.

Stephen helping Maddie try some fresh jam.

The three musketeers, friends since high school.

This was our first Catholic wedding experience. It was nearly as long as I had been warned.

I took some pretty awful pictures at the wedding and none at the adorable reception - I really need to work on my photo skills. Nevertheless, it was beautiful.

I was amazed at the friendliness of the Seattle residents.. the bus driver let all 4 of us ride for free the first day because we didn't have exact change.. he told us to just put in whatever change we had.. here in NY they would have just shut the door in your face and zoomed away.

Sorry this is so short but I am not feeling great this morning so I am going to go take a nap.

Congrats Megan and Michael. Megan, we sure are excited to have you be a part of our gang.


Stephen Update

Stephen has just finalized a blog of his most recent work. I have added the link in the list on the right so please check it out. I think this series is some of his best work to date, but I guess I am a bit partial.