Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Friends - Jess, Raja and Baby Adam

Ok so I am papering my world and everyone in it with prayer requests for Baby Adam and his sweet parents. If you are seeing this now you probably already saw my link on Facebook and might have even gotten an email about it if you are in my address book. Please visit their website here for more information and to follow their progress as they wait for the Lord to grant these much needed surgeries to Adam.

I had the privilege to visit them last Friday when Frankie and I were in Chapel Hill for her check-up and again on Saturday evening. Saturday I got to hold Adam and what a cuddle bundle he is! He was being so patient waiting for food while the hospital searched for his particular formula that they seemed to be out of. I remember what it was like for Frankie to have to wait for food when she was in the hospital and it is no easy task for a little one. He wiggled and fussed just a bit while I was holding him but soon settled down and fell asleep in my arms. Heaven. His little eyes were doing that REM thing that babies that age do when they sleep. Just like Frankie. His breathing felt and sounded like Frankie when she was asleep in my arms. Just precious. A precious baby trapped in an imperfect body.

This family needs prayers for peace and patience and preservation. Peace for Adam as he gets used to new environments, sights and sounds. Peace for his parents as they wait, and wait, and wait. Patience for Adam as his parents learn how to be parents for the first time. Patience for Jess and Raja as they learn how to be parents for the first time. Preservation of Adam's sight. Preservation of Jess and Raja as they learn to navigate Chapel Hill, this new season of marriage and parenthood, new season of hospitals, doctors and fund raising.

Please join me in loving on and praying for this sweet family.. and spread the word!