Monday, June 08, 2009


We went to Boone again this weekend. This time, with the sole purpose of spending the weekend with Jeremy and Michelle. We brought our camera, ready to take loads of pictures of all the cuteness, but didn't realize the battery was dead until we actually got it out to use it. Then we charged it.. and still didn't use it until Sunday morning when we all went for a walk/hike on the Greenway. It is difficult to bring out the camera when you feel as laid back as we do when we are with J&M and their girls. As we commented to each other on our way home, "It's like  being at our house.. but so much better.. because it's not our house!" We had a wonderfully relaxing weekend. 

Ada and I have spent quite a bit of time cuddling in our Ergo lately. For all you baby-less folks out there.. I know the Ergo may look a little awkward .. but it is ABSOLUTELY the most fantastic, comfortable, life changing carrier we have owned. Just fabulous. 

This was the first time the girls have been on a bridge over a stream like this. Ada touched the rust on the railing so tenderly. 

The air was so cool and fresh that morning. 

Daddy and Margot enjoyed their walk together as well. Margot particularly liked when Stephen climbed down the riverbank to stand in the chilly water. He scooped some water on Margot's little foot and she curled her toes up and looked a bit concerned. 

What a weekend. I can't say enough good things. J&M are talented cooks and they fed us like royalty all weekend. The most amusing part of the visit, for me, was the way that we all changed once the kids went down for the night. During the day we all visited quietly and spent our time watching and rounding up kids, while trying to keep everyone from melting down and attempting to stay as close to their schedule as possible. Once those girls were in their PJs and down for the count, it was like we all got a second wind. Adult beverages in hand, we worked together to tidy the living space and get dinner going while we laughed and visited the way we did before our number jumped from four to eight. Thank you guys for sharing your home with us and for making us feel comfortable in it. 

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Anonymous said...

We had a blast! and we have been missing you guys last night and today. Come anytime!