Monday, September 27, 2010

The month in review

It has been a long, exciting, tiring, busy month here. Here are a few highlights. Above you can see Margot taking good car of the baby owl that still lives under our sink.. she has brought him some vitamins.

We got to share our story time with Ms. Josie one night.

They both really enjoy helping daddy cook eggs from their perch on the counter.

Tea parties have become popular as well. Complete with "Daddy Cookies" (not sure how they got this name).

These are actually the coasters that Uncle Page and Aunt Jennie brought us back from Africa.

John and Aunt Mariel came up to celebrate our birthdays (John, Page and I were all born in September).

Little in the middle.

Fearless Margot got to sit on Papa motorcycle. Ada would have none of it but enjoyed watching her little sister explore all the whistles and bells.

I have been enjoying some fine cuddle time with my growing babies.

Nana and Margot at the bit birthday bash. Margot still loves that mouse house.

We had a big lobster boil for our birthdays. Mom and Dad ordered them from our favorite lobster pound in Maine (Trenton Bridge) and they arrived alive and well.

They didn't stay that way for long. My most sincere apologies to my vegan/vegetarian friends out there. They were so delish that we didn't even get a picture of anyone eating them.. no one wanted to take time to get the camera.

The men in my life (sans Ollie who was guarding our house from purple elephants.. he did an excellent job.. our house was elephant free when we got home that night).

The girls and I are enjoying a soggy day indoors, watching the rain patter onto the window screens. I have a tiny migraine that insists on joining me for the day.... Looking forward to nap time today.

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Anonymous said...

I had to call Granma Mary because I hadn't heard from you in such a long time. Birthday gatherings, lobster, and motorcycles would fill up many days. Looks like you are all doing well.
I myself spent a month with the plumber fixing my other sewer line which I didn't know I had until the pool bathroom became stopped up. The line was beneath the very large roots of the oaktree that my neighbor and I had cut down several years ago. I had to get a root man to cut a path thru the old buried roots of this very giant tree. Sewer is fixed!!
Much $$spent and nothing to show for it. Homeowner expenses. Baw, Humbug. G-Grandma