Saturday, October 23, 2010

State Fair with Grammy and Granpapa

Last weekend we all went to the NC State Fair while Grammy and Granpapa were in town. The girls marveled at the animals. Margot was particularly enthralled with a calf that was nursing from his mother. The calf kept whacking the mother cow with his head as he nursed and we were all saying "Ow! That must hurt!". A few moments later, after another whack, Margot exclaimed "Ouch baby cow! Just drink your milk!". Even now if you ask her about the fair she will say "Ouch baby cow!".

Here we are with the winning giant pumpkin. I love the good clean fun of the state fair. The rows and rows of beautiful hand tended produce displaying their winning ribbons. Seems like so much goes into the things that folks enter. The quilts, the hand stitched handy work.. the cakes and cookies on display. The canned goods are what always slay me. They are so beautiful in their white cases. It seems that every year there are fewer and fewer entries. I wish I knew how to can (I could always ask Mom to teach me.. she is an expert of course). It just seems like such a valuable art form. Being able to preserve your own food. That's the historical re-enactment side of me talking.. did I just admit to being a former living history junkie?

The girls got their first taste of fair food. Margot was way into it. Ada like the ribbon fries but the corn dog did not suit her fancy.

Margot ate her corn dog with much thoughtfulness.

The girls are self proclaimed big girls now and have no interest in strolling or.. wagon-ing from place to place. It was quite a hike from the free parking lot to the fair and back. I thought they did a great job hoofing it (of course there was quite a bit of carrying being done as well). By the time we made it back to the car, Ada was done in.

Later that afternoon Stephen and I went back just the two of us. We walked though all the exhibits we skipped with the girls and ate.. and ate.. and ate. I had.. 3 giant kosher dill pickles, the best ham biscuit on the planet, roasted corn on the cob with lots of butter and salt, a chocolate dip ice cream cone.. and a giant half un-sweetened ice tea and half lemonade. It was heavenly.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I loved the State Fair and went to Tampa where it was held every year. We also had a county fair in Largo and my kids got a half day off from school to go. My mother entered many of her canned goods to be judged at the N. Carolina state fair and won many ribbons. The only thing I learned to can was tomatos and strawberry jam. Stephen picked strawberries at 25 cents a qt. with us. Also could eat all you want.
Happy to hear of your next arrival June 1. Love you all. G-Grandma

Anonymous said...

Best day I have had in a long time!!! Loved every minute and every bite of it! Grammy

Larry said...

Granpapa had a fab time at the fair too. Love all the farm animals. Glad that Morgot counted the rabbits water bowls. Hey someone had to do it!