Thursday, November 04, 2010

Belated Halloween Pix

The girls wanted owls on their "daddy pumpkin". Are we surprised ?

While Mommy fought an epic battle with a migraine upstairs.. the girls and Stephen made some scary spiders (still referred to as "itsy Adas" around here) to hang outside for Halloween night.

We were all prepared to dress up in Aunt Mariel's lady bug and bumble bee outfits (with matching glow wands of course).. and Margot was thrilled to sport her costume..

..she spent most of the evening delivering candy to her neighbor friends as they walked along the sidewalk..

.. Madame Ada was not in a bumble bee kind of mood.. so she decided to go as a ninja instead... a ninja with a glowing bumble bee wand..

I am ashamed to admit that this was the girls' very first lolly pop experience. A neighbor was handing them out and of course.. they were a big hit. I don't know why they haven't had one before now.... just never really thought about it I guess.

They had an absolute blast .. mostly with visiting neighbors houses and running up and down the sidewalk delivering candy to other kids and dumping it into their bags or buckets. We all sat out on our porch and commented over and over on how much we love this neighborhood. There were a couple of pretty scary costumes that came our way and I was pleased to see that the girls did not even flinch. Maybe we will be able to get them more excited about dressing up next year.


Christa said...

Maddie was 2 before she had her first sucker. Sam had his at 1(to keep him still for his first hair cut). Jackson has had one placed in his mouth by his loving sister....till this mama yelled at her to take it out. I guess they just get younger and younger when they have their first taste of sweet slobbery delight. Love the girls costumes. Can't wait to get the whole brood together at Thanksgiving!

Mariel said...

So cute! I am glad Margot sported her Ladybug outfit!
a cute pair, Ninja and Ladybug!

Anonymous said...

What fun you were all having. I saw many little cute kids come by my door too. Kids do love this dressing up and receiving candy. Glad all is well. Love, G-Grandma.