Monday, February 28, 2011

Pink Toes

We have been making more of an effort lately to spend time with the girls separately. I have been taking one girl with me grocery shopping each week and Stephen takes the other on a secret daddy adventure (lately a long walk in the Ergo with a stop by the local chocolate shop). This week we had two days to do something special with them. Stephen took Ada to the mall to get some final things for his trip and Margot stayed home with me.

What to do to make our time more special..? Paint her toenails for the first time! I know I know.. I can't believe I haven't done it before either.

Painting those tiny toes pink with "Strawberry Swing" echoing in my tiny bathroom turned out to be more precious than I thought it would be.

She seemed to really understand what a special treat it all was. Sitting on my bathroom counter with her little feet in the sink. Asking for help putting in each and every hair clip in my personal arsenal. Admiring herself in the mirror. Talking non-stop. Brushing her baby cheeks with my make-up brushes.. sharing her newly honed skill with her mommy. It was truly magical

How could I have ever been sad for a single moment that the wiggly bumps in my tummy were girls instead of boys?


Michael Graham said...

oh my goodness! i just love it! i think that last picture says it all and i can just imagine that being treasured forever! it any wonder where the girls got those curls from? (assuming grammy's are natural) I hope grammy is just as much fun here as she was there! now just for the rest of the shinglers to come and join us! :)

Michael Graham said...

oops...thats sara...not mike! :)