Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Hey guys.. what are you doing?"
"In a car Mom!"
"Where are you going?"
"Going to my Grammy house Mom!!!"
"I love-a my Grammy Mom.."

This morning is sunny and filled with happiness and sunshine..which is a little odd since I am going to a funeral of a very dear family friend this afternoon. Maybe it isn't that odd after all.. she is in heaven enjoying an even more beautiful day than we are. So maybe it is fitting that my day should contain the faintest glimmer of the glory she is basking in.

I know I have been completely remiss in my writing lately. It's not for lack of having things to say. You could say I have been pretty selfish with my time lately. Every ounce of energy and every moment of my time has been devoted to my family. My house has been clean every week.. tidy every evening (for the most part) when Stephen gets home.. good food cooking on the stove.. leftovers eaten and not wasted in the garbage. Paperwork organized and put away.. things put off for months accomplished in 30 minutes or less. It is as if my visit with Mary recharged my batteries. Once Stephen got home from Paris.. things just clicked into motion and they have been on track ever since. Of course there are hard days.. one this week, for example, left me tearfully hugging a crying Margot while Ada tried to comfort the two of us with her chubby little hands on our hair and soft kisses to our foreheads. Hormones are a pain in the ass man. Potty training is a PAIN IN THE ASS MAN. Yeah I said it.. we are still at 50 % around here.. one Margot trained and totally fine.. one Ada.. acts like it's the first day .. every day. Sigh.
Anyway any moment I have had in the recent days has been devoted to keeping my life together.. making it more beautiful.. keeping a smile on my face.. and that has lately meant much less time with the camera and blog. Still the days march on and I am now in my 3rd trimester and feeling that wave of exhaustion more keenly each day. Can't believe this incredibly active baby girl that is still being knit together will be in my arms so soon. I got my first tangible vision of holding her last night.. all warm and tiny and curled up on my chest. I could almost smell her hair.. I remember getting that feeling about Margot about this point in my pregnancy with the girls. And so in the spirit of continuing to keep things on track.. I am off to fold laundry and get our day going. Hope to be seeing you all sooner than that last post.


Anonymous said...

Our dear Sarah, we cherish every post whenever it comes! This one was of course precious to me. How I love you girls. Grammy

Anonymous said...

I loved these pics of 2 happy girls on their way to visit their grammy. I tried printing the one on facebook but it didn't work so I will try this blog. I know you are busy but enjoyed your thank your note when Stephen was in Paris. June will be here very, very soon.
Love. G-Gramma

jennamarie said...

Just stalking your blog and thought I'd say "hi" -- the girls are adorable! I admire your dedication and determination in prioritizing your time. I'm trying to be more conscientious about not allowing technology to swallow my evenings whole so I can focus on soaking up time with my rapidly-growing children.