Thursday, June 02, 2011

Part 1: Grammy's Overnight Adventure

After having contractions on Friday and then all day Saturday (before the previously mentioned cliche early morning visit to the hospital) we called Mary to see if there was any chance she might be able to get here sooner than Wednesday. Sure enough, she jumped into action and found a ticket for a train that left Saturday night and arrived Sunday morning. She rode the rails through the night and once again arrived to meet the girls in highly dramatic fashion. She is raising the stakes with each visit.. airport.. now train station.. next time.. hot air balloon?

Mommy stayed home and tried to sleep through the contractions that decided to kick in again after we got home that morning. I wandered around all day wondering when things would be bad enough to call the doctor. I took several walks around the neighborhood. Kept updating the parentals, rested as much as I could. They started to get more and more painful. Harder to talk through. Then I couldn't talk through them. Went to bed that night wondering if I would get any sleep.. didn't. Got up and came downstairs to track my progress on my own so that Stephen could sleep... it was starting to look like this was the real thing.

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