Wednesday, July 27, 2011


...sounds like a kitten mewing when she cries.

...grins when she sees or hears her mommy or daddy come into her field of vision.

...will sit for long periods of time (30-40 minutes) happily listening to her sisters sing to her or read her books.

...loves to snuggle.

...loves to be swaddled tight.

...goes to bed around 7:30.

...sleeps a 7 hour and a 3 hour stretch at night.

...falls asleep almost instantly if you snuggle her tight against your chest and breathe into her hair with your lips pressed against her forehead. such a treat for her mommy.

Having one baby has been extraordinary. I feel like she is mine.. all mine. I can hold her as much as I want too. Put her down to nap when I want too. Feed her when I want too. Cuddle her when I want too. Rock her as long as I want too. Sing to her as much as I want too. I get to give her all my attention when I am focusing on her. She is so easy going it is pretty easy to balance taking care of her with taking care of her wild and crazy fun sisters. I always felt like the twins were a project when they were babies. I loved being with them and holding them, but we had to schedule them so carefully and be so strict to survive those first months that I felt like I missed getting all the snuggles and babying them. My only real snuggle time was when I helped them sleep at nap time and that was super sweet. Having one has just been.. so different in the best sense possible.


Pyjammy Pam said...

Well, that's not fair. I was all over wanting one kid, and now you're threatening my resolve. :)

L said...

Oh man oh man oh man! LOVE me some cuddles!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have written you twice and when I publish comment, it disappears. Sorry. Love, G-Grandma

Anonymous said...

I found my problem. I failed to hit my identity. Anyway. I loved your notes about your beautiful daughters. I think I said something about what a great Mommy you are- and you are. I give you a 10. Hugs to all and know things will get better sooner than you know. Take care of Sarah. Love you all so much. G-Greatma.