Thursday, June 14, 2012


One of Frankie's favorite things to do is to take over one of her big sisters' running imaginary story things whenever they seem to have moved on to something new. Then she sits and tries to duplicate their play. Here she is paring the baby ducks with the mommy duck .. she even babbles in a very high pitched tone .. the way the girls talk when they are making their little characters talk. So cool. 

So in the time that I have been absent on here, there have been several news worthy items ... and now that I am sitting here I honestly can't remember any of them that would be interesting enough to write about..oh yeah.. there was that time that we went out to eat with our good buddies at Poole's Diner and Gwyneth Paltrow showed up for dinner. She tells it so well I am not even going to bother, so read all about it there. It was pretty awesome. 

In other news Frankie is not interested in walking anymore. She took her magical birthday steps and now she just wants to crawl and if she does walk she wants to hold your hands or push her cart or walk along the wall. I am not complaining since we all know what sort of trouble that she will start getting into once she starts really going for it. I am not a great fan of all that falling head first into corners stuff. She is saying several words now and is really interested in learning the name for everything around her. Bird, Bear, Dada, Diaper, More.. tonight the newest word was Car. I keep catching her pointing to herself and saying "Kiki" and I swear she is trying to say "Frankie" but I can never get her to duplicate it when asked so.. who knows. It's all very cute either way. 

They raised our rent here by $100 so .. there's that. The girls have been accepted at Stephen's school and they have blessed us with enough financial aid so that we can actually send them there. This is so exciting and overwhelming that we are still trying to wrap our heads around it. The girls are about to start Pre-K at a real school. The girls are going to be able to go to an incredible school with a community that has known them since they were tiny babies in their car seats at the evening football games. Craziness. 

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Larry said...

I think Frankie is on the catch-up path to glory alongside her sweet sisters. Oh and Gwyneth Paltrow, what is it about that girl, yes we loved Iron Man? ? ...Oh I remember, it's September 27... know wonder she's in with cool...