Monday, September 17, 2012

Today in Pictures

We tried Frankie's baby snow suit on from last year and .. it still fits!

The girls did some painting with Daddy. They recently got a haircut but if you don't see them every day you might not notice. Ada on the left, Margot on the right. Ada's is slightly shorter because Margot loves to wear hers up so .. we left it longer so she could keep doing that. Long by like an inch I think. 

See that lovely black boot on Ada's leg? She jumped off the bed about 5 weeks ago and sprained her ankle. The pediatrician gave us instructions on how to rest it so it would get better.. but getting Ada Grey to sit still and ice her ankle while wearing a tension bandage.. it just didn't happen. So, after getting x-rays to be sure nothing was fractured in there, the docs decided to put her in this "Wee Walker" boot thing to immobilize  the area and help it rest and heal.. crossing our fingers it only lasts the week or two that they suggested.

We ate our dinner out on the porch tonight and the girls played in the dirt gathering acorns and throwing them at various targets. 

Margot spent most of the time running back and forth on the sidewalk and then coming to the porch to get hugs and a bite of her dinner. Look at the beautiful happy hearted girl. 

Frankie wondered why she didn't get a second bowl of pasta..

"Daddy take a picture of my boot!"

Nite nite everyone!

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Larry said...

Simply precious in every way... Love the transition to fall...