Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The things my kids say

So I have my head back on a little straighter than that last post. I have realized recently that I am not using this blog to remember things about my girls as often as I used too. Lately the three of them have been growing and changing so fast it is hard to keep track of. Here's a couple of things from this week. 

Ada watching Curious George the Movie (the scene where George and The Man sleep outside in the park): "Mom... Poor Man! George can sleep where ever he is but The Man has to sleep in a house!" 

We are a little obsessed with George these days. Frankie (very enthusiastically) calls him "Gore". The Man in the Yellow Hat is apparently Gore's Daddy. 

The girls asked me in the car yesterday if you could eat a lobster's "pinch". 

Frankie wondered into the kitchen yesterday and saw me putting dinner on the table. She then proceeded to call everyone to dinner - one at a time. "Aya!!! Aya!!" "Go-go!!! Go-go!!!" She would call each person and then go take them by the hand and lead them to their place at the table. It was really adorable when she led the big girls to their seats but when she went back for Daddy and lead him to his I got a little choked up. Sometimes she feels like the glue that keeps our little family so close. We all adore her so much. 

Another fun Frankie fact. When she rides in the car she likes to hold her sisters hands. Sometimes she holds one twins hand while sucking her little thumb. Looking in the rear view mirror and seeing the three of them sweetly holding hands and singing to themselves ... be still my heart. 


Chelsea said...

heavens the last two almost got me choked up!

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