Monday, December 09, 2013

Christmas Concert

Tonight was the Christmas Concert at school! We braved the mall on Saturday to get new dresses for A and M. This is probably as close to a Christmas Card as we are going to come this year!

Gold tights and everything. Frankie was so excited to be a part of the hustle and bustle of getting ready I am pretty sure she thought she was going to be performing as well. 

"One just for us, Mom." (melt) 

Some excited girls and their friends.

For those who don't already know, Stephens brother, David, and his lovely wife Grace moved from Denver to Raleigh this summer. It has been such a treat to have them nearby and be such a constant part of the girls daily lives. They get to do last minute things like come to a concert on a Monday night since they live about 8 minutes from our house. Frankie is mildly obsessed with her Uncle "Davee". 

Mom moment. They were singing a song about snowflakes and about how each one is special and unique and then they all dipped down and came back up holding their own snowflake pictures that they had made over their heads. I know its incredibly cheesy but seeing all those little people with their individual selves and their little snowflakes made me get all teary. Bravo Mr. Mann. Bravo. 

Ada was asked to be an angel precisely 15 minutes before school let out today. I was able to get a paparazzi shot as she marched by. 

See our little plaid angel in the front row?

Here is Margot with her precious teachers. 

Ada with her precious teacher. We are so incredibly blessed by these women and the way they pour their heart and soul into our girls. They are so diligent in their care for them and the work they do with them. It's very humbling to be partnered with such incredible people in the education of your children. 

I will leave you with this. Margot and her best friend. Trouble ya'll. Trouble. 


Larry said...

OMG! Well done! It was one for the heart and one for the ages! What an amazingly beautiful program and sweet opportunity for the girls to present the gift of Christmas to their loving families. Loved the proud smiles…. So counting the days, less than 2 weeks!

Wendy's World said...

Wow, the girls are all growing so fast. And they are adorable! Loved the update. Hope all of you are doing great!