Wednesday, July 16, 2014

This afternoon's adventure

Can you see the Ada? We took Daddy back to our 2 mile hike to Crabtree Falls this afternoon. The girls were so excited to get him there, since he is the one who can do all the crazy climbing around on rocks with the three of them.. at once. 

My girls. My rough and tumble, mountain, bug and rock loving girls. 

More playing in the water.. and climbing up the rocks on the other side of the water fall. 

View from the little bridge. Then my battery died. So only iPhone pix for the rest of the trip. Guess who forgot the charger.. womp womp. 

We started this hike after Frankie woke up at 4:30.. so we didn't make it back here until almost 7. We dumped our tired, giggly, happy, muddy and damp girls into the giant two person tub in this delightful abode we are renting and they splashed in the warm water and bubbles until dinner was ready. The trail to the waterfall was filled with tiny little trickles of water heading down the mountain to the big falls. The girls call these "fairy showers"and the little puddles they splash into are "fairy bathtubs". They saw so many fairy houses that we lost count and even found fairy treasure map (a design made by wood grubs or bugs under some bark that had fallen off). All the talk of tiny people and their tiny world made them want to watch Arietty while they ate dinner so they are currently snuggled together in jammies under a comforter watching their favorite borrower. 

We are watching the sunset and sipping rye. A day well spent. 

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Larry said...

Gotta love the quest... or there and back again, as a famous English author once wrote.

Oh Sarah, such joy in every mountain frame. The excitement of bringing Daddy back. Overjoyed that this was God's plan for the summer...