Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Christmas

To all of those who read this blog and have not gotten a Christmas card from our family, we had the best of intentions but alas this will have to do for this year. Since just about everyone who reads this blog is on our card list, we figured this would be the most efficient way to say Happy Christmas and send our love to all our loved ones out there! We love you all and wish we could hug each and every one of you during this holiday season. For now please accept this humble offering of.. a digital photograph on your computer screen and know that it was uploaded with much love :) We love you guys and just so you  know.. Oliver is in the picture too.. just sitting like the patient big brother he is by Stephen's feet so we couldn't quite get him in the shot but he sends loads of puppy kisses as well. 

PS. Today marks the one year anniversary of a very positive pregnancy test.. where did the time go? 


jmbollman said...

Great Christmas card Sarah! Honestly, the fact that you've kept us posted on a regular basis throughout the year - through the moves, the pregnancy, and the twins means so much to us (far more than a paper card)! I love your face in the are glowing! What a blessing it is to have such a wonderful husband and two precious daughters. I hope this first holiday season as a family of four continues to bring you great joy. ~Michelle
(by the way, can we consider this short note our christmas card to you??)

SMS said...

Absolutely Michelle :) Miss you guys! Mo's ballerina video is SO precious!

Christa said...

What a GREAT Christmas card. Everyone is looking at the camera, so one in tears....I consider your first family Christmas card a HUGE success. We are headed south tomorrow....see you on the 30th!! Love you

Anonymous said...

I now feel the courage to send an electronic christmas card out too! Thanks for being an inspiration!