Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Here are two little girls watching the beginning of a new age for America. They will grow up in a time when having an African American president feels normal instead of revolutionary. We watched with tears in our eyes this morning as a brave, courageous, and wise man stood with his family and took the oath of office. Our prayers are with you Mr. President. 

Oliver watching the snow fall...yeah.. it's a snow day here!!! Daddy's home from work :)

The view from our bedroom window.. no we do not live on the set of the Truman Show..

View from the girls' bedroom window.. such a welcome sight.

We are enjoying our day here watching Season Four of LOST in preparation for the season premier this week with our buddy James whose wife is out of town with their daughter. He walked through the snow to get to our place to hang out. Snow days are so awesome. Gotta love the south and the way things simply shut down when it snows. 

I have so much to do and yet I sit here tapping away on this computer. Still have some more settling in to do but we are mostly done with that.. a lot of what I have to do is just on a list in my head .. a list that seems to get longer as the days go by.. here are just a few of my items:

- Call Mary and Larry and attempt to describe how much we enjoyed their visit this weekend and thank them for making the trip up from Florida to share their three day weekend with us... and thank them once again for the amazing D40 that took the above photos... I am in heaven :)

- Call/write Mindy and Jeff and attempt to describe how thankful I am for the gift they sent the girls so many months ago. Every day, twice a day, when put the little girls down for their naps I tuck those cozy blankies around them and think of you guys as they snuggle their little noses into the silky edges..

- Attempt to express my gratitude to my parents for the washer and dryer.. the bike... the hours spent helping us and loving on the girls.. the multiple trips to Raleigh.. etc etc etc

- Call everyone who has been praying for me and say thank you..

- Have everyone who helped us move over for dinner in an attempt to thank them for their incredible generosity in our time of need.. yet again..

- Thank those folks who have fed us recently.. Ellen.. Julie.. Krissie.. Several of Stephen's students mom's... 

... my head is bursting with people to thank.. that is not a burden that I mind bearing.. how blessed we have been.. how blessed we are..

I am feeling better each day.. it's slow going but we are getting there. 

I will post pictures from Christmas and all that soon.. 


Christa said...

Hey- You view looks sort of like mine!! I miss the way the south shuts down and actually enjoys the white stuff. Hopefully Stephen will have another snow day tomorrow or atleast a delay. I used to LOVE delays. Counts as a full day without the hustle and bustle to get out early in the morning. Hope you are feeling much much better.

Love you

Michelle D said...

Love the photos:) Did you get a Nikon D40? That's what I got for Christmas and I love it:)

Anonymous said...

HI snow birds! I thought it didn't snow in Raleigh. How beautiful is your neighborhood. And how much you enjoy looking out the window. Oliver looked ready to go out and romp.
The girls are soon to crawl-how quick they learn. You have a gate on the stairs soon. So glad you are feeling better. All is well here. Love, G-Grandma