Friday, January 16, 2009


Ok another boring post but one just to update everyone. I went to the doctor yesterday and they say it looks better (it does) and they are ruling out surgery for the moment. I am still on all the antibiotics and in a lot of pain.. and super ridiculously tired.. but psyched that I don't have to go see a surgeon! Thanks for all your prayers. When I say I am tired.. I mean that I can hardly keep my eyes open all day long and sleep like the dead (during the hours the girls let me sleep) at night.. so that means it might be a little while until there is anything interesting or colorful on this blog... hoping to get my energy back any day now.. so.. anyway.. see ya when I see ya and thanks again for your prayers.. 


kate said...

O sarah!!! Ryan and i are praying!!

kate said...
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Anonymous said...

Happy no surgery. I remembered something I did when I had Laurie. As soon as I had pain I adjusted my bra strap. I made it tighter or looser, whatever. It worked. I was able to nurse for 6 months without pain. My prayers continue. Of course you are tired with all that medicine in you. Soon you will be out playing in the snow-if it snows. Love, Elsie