Saturday, November 21, 2009


We all bundled up and headed downtown this morning for the Christmas Parade. We live close enough to walk so walk we did. The weather was just perfect. Cold, but perfect nonetheless.

We met our buddy Josie, who brought her parents along just for kicks.

We all took turns holding various babies. Here Margot is enjoying a ride on Mr. James.

Ada was extra happy that Daddy is so tall, it made it easier for her to see the jump ropers.

Josie bug and her sweet mama.

There were so many people this morning - supposedly around 60K. It started at 9:30am and we were there for the very first police car. Two hours later we finally gave up on waiting for Santa and headed home for lunch. The girls, all three of them, spent the entire time being so sweet and were mesmerized by all the action. Those are some pretty good attention spans for such little girls. They squealed at the horses and ponies and clapped for the marching bands. Waved back at the beauty queens and firemen. It was a delight. They were a delight. I am so glad the Holiday Season is here. Definitely the most wonderful time... of the year :)

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Anonymous said...

What fun. I remember Stephen's first parades, both Springtime Tallahassee and the Florida Forest Festival in Perry. Thanks for sharing the pix. Love you all, Grammy