Monday, November 30, 2009


(I stole this picture from our friend James who took it and posted it on Facebook.. pretty cute huh?)

Awwwww what a sweet family moment that was. Everyone was well.. happy.. adorable......... and now that we have (hopefully) warmed your heart.. let me just say that the last week has been the complete opposite of all of that. Tuesday afternoon, Margot had a temp of 101 and woke up at 4am with a fiery forehead at 104.5... to the doctor we went... with a white count of 28K (really God.. really!?) and a red throat full of ulcerated sores we were officially ordered not to leave town (no big family Thanksgiving as previously planned) and to come back on Friday for a recheck. By Friday Ada had spiked a high fever too and they were officially diagnosed: "hand, foot, and mouth disease" + a potential ear infection for Ada Grey = 10 days of antibiotics for A.G. and days of writhing in pain on the floor for both. Insanity. They both have extremely painful sores in their throats/mouths/ on lips/ and diaper areas. They are starving but it is nearly impossible to find something they will/can eat. We spent all of Stephen's break trying to cuddle and snuggle and love the sadness away.. poor sweet little babies. Now Stephen is back at school and I am here with a migraine trying to manage the two of them as best I can.. sigh.

In fairness.. despite the sickness in our home.. we had loads to be thankful for. My daddy drove over on Wednesday night with a car full of Thanksgiving goodies since we would be missing the big family meal. Since Ada was not yet showing signs of illness on Thanksgiving morning, she and I made the trip to High Point and enjoyed spending some time with the fam.. despite missing Stephen and Margot ... the meal was delish as always and it was so nice to see everyone. Oh Friday.. despite our diagnosis.. Pam and Diana came over and braved sick and sad babies for a few hours while Stephen and I went to see "The Blind Side" which was so heartwarming. THEN on Saturday I got to go to Handel's Messiah as performed by the Carolina Ballet with Joyce and the fam since Carolyn had to work. It was so delightful to be included in such a special family event. Then that evening Joyce and I went to Target and took advantage of some of their 2 Day Sale. FINALLY on Sunday evening Stephen brought us home a lovely Christmas tree which is now lit and decorated... and protected with the baby corral around it. So I guess you could say our break was pretty great despite shedding many tears with our little ones as we watched helplessly as they told us in no uncertain terms just how uncomfortable they were.. are..

Still, the Lord is good and faithful and we believe that all of this sickness lately is happening for a reason and they will be well soon. We will keep enjoying the giggles when they appear and drying the tears as they fall... and looking forward to braving the next adventure with a little more fortitude and a few more knowing smiles.


Ellen said...

Girl's night out. Here. Tomorrow night? You deserve it. =)

Summer said...

How terrible, those poor girls. What an ordeal for them (and you) to endure. I can only imagine what you've gone through--it's so sad to see babies so sick. I hope they're both on the mend soon. You should take that girl's night out Ellen offered.

Sweet photo. :)

L said...

hey lady! been thinking about you and your family. hope everyone is on the mend!!! good luck recovering as quickly as possible!

Lucia Phillips said...

Your family is so beauiful. I hope you have a happy Holiday Season

Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz- some Thanksgiving? I did talk to Stephen and he was a busy Daddy and a bit tired but they both survived. I hope this is the only Thanksgiving like this for you.
Linda and I talked about eating Thanksgiving at the hospital with Carlie when he had pnuemonia at 2 yrs old. It is no fun.
I enjoyed myself in Athens even tho we had Thanksgiving dinner on Friday-to accomodate Carlie and I left on Sat. and got no turkey sandwiches. Looking forward to seeing you. I have my tree up but that is all.Love, G-grandma