Saturday, May 15, 2010

Still breathing

Here is an adorable picture of Ada playing in the "mouse house" at my parents house last weekend. Yes, my sweet father actually built this into the kitchen cabinets as a surprise for me when I was a little girl. He recently added lights to it and the girls were mesmerized.

So, I am still breathing. We are all still breathing around here.. things have just gotten a little hectic. Stephen is chaperoning the senior class trip to Greece (lucky much!?...well, except for the unrest there but we are assured that it is going to be safe..). He leaves on Tuesday. We get to start moving into our new house.. Tuesday. Perfect. I can handle it. Oh wait.. I broke my two day before yesterday.. yes.. my toe.. broken. I tripped over a corner. A corner in my home.. that I walk past at least 68 times a day. Now my toe, and a great deal of my foot, is blue and swollen. This will make walking our stuff back and forth a bit more challenging. Not to mention the fact that I am stuck indoors with the girls while Stephen is gone.. unable to take them on walks cuz you know.. I can't really.. walk I mean.. well I can.. it just hurts a lot. I have lots and lots of help. So no worries you worriers out there... lots. Just about everyone we know is ready and willing to pitch in and get'r'done. So.. it's gonna happen... the move that is.... Just haven't felt much like talkin' about it.. little stressed. A little stressed. Just a little. The end.


Anonymous said...

Wish I could crawl down there and play with her.
Sarah, I am praying for you sweet girl. I know this is not exactly the way you like to move...
love you, Mary

L said...

Been thinking about you! Hope the stress is manageable!

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