Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dear Aunt Tracy...

...we went on an owl hunt this morning and guess what we found ?! Two baby owls living in our Christmas tree!!! Mommy and daddy brought us a special book this morning called "Owl Moon" and after Daddy read it too us.. we started hunting for owls... we thought they might be in the Christmas tree. Daddy said we might be right and then he went upstairs for a second and when he came back.. WE FOUND THEM!!! Ada's owl was in the very top of the tree and Margot's was hiding on the side near the window!! We called and called ("Hey Oooooowwwll! Hooo hooooooooooo???") and they just sort of appeared out of nowhere!!! Ada named hers "Owl Baby" and Margot is calling her owl "Baby Owl".

Margot tucked Baby Owl under her arm right away and started reading Owl Moon to him.

Ada made sure to show Owl Baby how we only touch the ornaments on the tree with "One finger!"... or in his case.. "One wing".

Mommy says she knows it would have been fun to find the owls while they were hiding under the kitchen sink.. maybe even on Christmas morning.. but if you had seen how excited we were about going on an owl hunt..and you were a beautiful soft snuggly baby owl.. you would have come out of hiding too.


Tracy said...

Precious Precious!!!! I'm all teared up!!! Love those babies and SO glad they love their owls! Merry Christmas my sweet family!

Larry said...

Oh Sarah & Stephen, what a great Christmas memory. Loved that the whole family could share in the experience. How cool..... Up in a few, praying for a white Christmas. :)