Saturday, December 18, 2010

A whole new world

Before I get into how potty training went today, here is a glimpse of genes in action. My genes to be exact. Margot has inherited several of my little quirks, most having to do with being a little on the OCD side. This more recent development is a little more unique.. but originated with me all the same. We have to literally force her to bite down and eat anything that is sweet (this includes her daily Flintstones vitamin). She wants to save it and make it last. When I was a kid, I would hold candy in my mouth until it melted to nothing (gross, yes.. I no longer do this). Margot prefers to "leek it".

So today was day two of potty training the girls and man, what a difference a day makes. We were going to wake them up an hour early to go potty (as my books suggests for kids who aren't staying dry though the night when they start potty training) but we were a couple of minutes late and we missed Ada. She was at the door tearfully asking to go potty. Margot was still sleeping but when we woke her up she had wet the bed, presumably in her sleep. They both sat on the potty right away and went pee. We loaded them up with liquids again this morning and had one.. yes ONE accident all day! Both of the girls have also gone poo in the potty (for your records Ada went last night before bed and Margot went this morning). We are so proud of them we could burst. Tonight, Ada even interrupted our story reading to let us know she needed to go potty. We have made a small alteration in our game plan though. Since we spent so much time fighting the girls to go down for nap and bedtime yesterday, today we broke out the Pull-Ups for nap. We did the same thing we did yesterday (cut them off from their barrage of liquids at 11am and had them go potty twice before putting them down at nap time) but this time when we closed the door, for some reason I felt a little better about being stern and limiting how many times they trot to the potty to pretend to go. I went back and checked on them 15 minutes later and they were fast asleep.. and they were completely dry when they woke up and went pee straight away again. We are doing this again tonight and plan to use these as insurance for at least the next few days until they quit fighting us on going down. Once again, doing everything we would still do with panties to make sure they keep them dry (Stephen just ran upstairs after hearing someone up asking to go). I will wake them up about an hour after they fall asleep to take them to the potty too. I taught them both to open their bedroom door but they don't have much interest in getting out of their room on their own yet. We will keep working on that. Right now we are focused on the potty stuff and learning to pull our undies up on our own. There is so much parent training involved in potty training when you really get down to it. It is a whole new level of awareness. Planning to just give them their normal liquids tomorrow and put on Pull-Ups for church. It has been a trying two days but not nearly as trying as it could have been and we are learning to adjust to this new stage of development. Every stage comes with its share of challenges and rewards right? They are pretty dang cute running around cheering about going potty. Don't worry all you friends out there, I will put a Pull-Up on them if we come over to play :)

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