Monday, August 29, 2011


This morning they begged me to cut their hair to look like mine.. really! I hesitated for a bit.. then thought.. what the heck! They were so excited.. maybe a little more excited than I was.. but not much.

"Hold my shoulder like you love me Ada."

Yes, I am glad I did it. Yes, I saved every ringlet. Yes, I cried just a little bit.

There was a tense moment there before I actually cut Ada's hair when Margot decided she wanted to keep hers long. I thought that would actually be cool, since they would finally look different. As soon as Ada was finished and bouncing down the stairs to show Oliver her new hair cut.. Margot changed her mind and they are doppelgangers once more. Pretty sure this is the first time they haven't been identical for any length of time.. even if it was only 5 minutes.


Larry said...

Amazingly gorgeous! Oh my, Granpapa is so missing these sweet girls.

L said...

too adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Could they be any cuter???? love these pictures! Grammy

hisdaughter4ever said...

Adorable! Did you take a picture during that 5 minutes where they actually looked different?

SMS said...

I wish I had gotten a picture but alas I did not :( too much crazy going on try to cut their hair with baby Frankie in the background :)