Thursday, August 18, 2011

Quick One

Guess who...

Life around here with 3, 3 and under has been just about like life with 2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Anyone with more than 2 knows that just isn't the case :) Honestly though, now that Frances is a little older and past most of her drama, she is such an easy baby. She loves to just sit in her seat or on her blanket and watch our world go by those baby blues. She still has significant issues with reflux (no spitting up just a lot of pain) so I have stopped dairy, soy and caffeine (which includes chocolate..) and that seems to help. It has been a challenge but one nice side effect is that I have become a much more disciplined person.. and .. drum roll please.. my migraines have all but stopped. Could it have been dairy consumption all the time? If so I may never eat another bowl of ice cream.. and be ok with that. It has been a new experience to try and find the protein needed to nurse the baby and not have any come from milk and cheese .. or soy products. I have made peace with Trader Joe's canned tuna. A can of tuna mixed with relish for lunch with crackers and carrots... smells like cat food but it is a super protein boost. I am also eating lots of boiled egg whites.. yeah .. don't invite me over for lunch... you could smell my food a mile away. BUT if it helps her eat and not be in pain.. I will do it as long as I need to. Since I now have to be so conscious of my food intake, I have started treating myself to a few more treats that I usually buy. Like kale, lots of avocados and dairy free treats from Whole Foods. Yes, I like to snack on kale.. snack on it.. tell me you aren't jealous. I have also started swimming again. At least 18 laps (1/2 mile) each time.. my buddy T is my new pool partner and our sweet husbands watch the kids so we can go. Heaven. So far it's twice a week.. starting to want to make it a nightly event.

The truth? Life with 3 is about as crazy as you might imagine it to be. We have longs stretches of sanity followed by storms of insanity. Right now the girls are sitting next to Frances reading her books and being little angels. Yesterday this time I was dragging them both upstairs to get dressed, kicking and screaming, while calling out "Girls!!! We are not going to make it through this day... without Jesus!!!!" Roar. Today I am still fresh from showering at the gym late last night.. a long luxurious QUIET shower. Yesterday I hadn't showered since my last trip to the gym (Monday) and I was avoiding my own reflection. Meanwhile all 3 of my children were clean and dressed adorably. Isn't it funny how you do that? Can't take the time to get yourself together but you can spend time putting your children's hair in pigtails.

... and now Frankie is crying for a nap and Margot needs me to help her find her caterpillar.. life marches on.

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