Thursday, November 10, 2011


Halloween came and went. Our double Cinderellas had a blast trick or treating in the rain though..

My sweet Stephen's birthday came and went. The girls and I made him a "CheepCheep cake" - aka Squirrel that Stephen tells the girls stories about cake. I carefully sculpted three little squirrels out of caramel.. chilled them in the fridge and then added them to the cake and put the cake back in the fridge.. and they still melted into puddles by the time Stephen came home. Oh well. You can sort of see the Frankie squirrel's shape in the middle there.. it was really cute. The girls did all the rest of the decorating. Yes, those are gumdrop acorns, thankyouverymuch.

Latest drama involves our sweet pup. Oliver apparently ate some of the ONE TOY he is allowed to have (on account of it being "INDESTRUCTIBLE"). He has been very sick since Monday. He has been to the vet twice and they were able to get him to throw up enough that finally this gigantic piece made it's appearance. There may still be more in there.. there were a few that came before this one.. sigh. Surely this is the largest one.. right?!??! He slept through the night at last night at least. He is still just sort of laying around.

I am tired. I am tired. I am tired. There are many reasons for this fatigue but I don't feel like naming them now. So I will simply say that I am tired.. but I am also being graced with an abundance of patience and have had one of the best weeks of mothering that I can remember. My house is a wreck and I don't care. The conversations I have had with my girls this week have been just incredible. Maybe later I will actually be able to sit down and transcribe them from I am being dragged upstairs to check out the "vet's office" that "Dr. Margot" is treating "Flipper" in. LOVE that Netflix has those TV shows from the 60s on streaming. Love that my girls are obsessed with them even more.

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