Saturday, April 28, 2012

Is this thing on..

Has it really been that long since I wrote anything on here...? Yes, yes it has. This month has been off the chain crazy ya'll. And right now I am about to crash with my boy on the couch but I just wanted to show the world the lovely face painting (hand painting in Ada's case) that the girls had done at the most fantastical birthday party in the history of birthday parties.. that we went to today. I was never brave enough to get my face painted when I was a kid.. look at Margot! She is as brave as they come. 

And just for fun.. yes.. you can, in fact, fit 3 girls in a bathtub. The smallest girl will think it is the most incredible thing she has ever experienced.. even if she gets to experience it every night for a week. The big girls will also think it's amazing because they are amazing big sisters.. the bond between these three never ceases to amazing Stephen and me.

We love you guys. We are all ok its just been one of those crazy months where the time flies with illness and the like and before you know it .. it's almost time for the man of the house to be out of school and home every day. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!

More sooner than later.

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L said...

we miss you!!!