Monday, November 11, 2013

Hey Summer! Yes you friend!!

Dear Summer,

How are you? I am fine. Well almost fine. I have not been able to see your blog since I changed my email address awhile back and Google wouldn't let me keep both for some reason. I miss seeing you guys so badly! I tried emailing but I think I have the wrong address : / Can we chat about it? My new email is (yes, I know my inbox my now get blown up with who knows what but the risk is worth it to me.)

Hoping you are well! (read in that Hogwarts flying/talking/letter delivery voice)

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Summer said...

Oh, S, this cracks me up! My dad saw it before i did, copied and pasted it into an email, and sent it my way--I must admit I was a little confused to be getting the message from him with no context :). I just emailed a blog invitation to your new address, so let me know if you get it! And you probably have my correct email address (, but this wouldn't be the first time I overlooked an email from a friend amidst all the junk that comes through :/. You probably know all about that now that you've had your email address listed in public for the past week... blerg, I'm sorry. Love and hugs to you and your fam! I hope your weekend is going well!