Thursday, November 06, 2008


I had made myself promise not to try on any of my old pants again until the girls were six months old.. still.. periodically I can't help myself. Yesterday was one of those days and lo and behold.. THEY FIT!!!!!! I tried on my Citizens first and when they buttoned I just about screamed!!! I pulled out all my fall cords and started trying them all on as well and they fit too!!! Granted, there is still a bit of a muffin top, but they are totally wearable and that means I do not have to go out and buy new clothes for the winter with $$ that I don't have. I am super psyched!! I have been wearing the same pair of stretchy jeans since April or something.. this is a much needed development around here. Now I feel like busting my tail with walking and pilates to get back to my old self despite any exhaustion I might feel on a daily basis. The task no longer feels insurmountable. But enough about me..

Margot woke up earlier than usual this morning and was super exhausted (read cranky) as a result. Here she is sleeping it off :)

Ada too woke early this morning and played with her keys until quite worn out (again read cranky). She too is sleeping soundly in her crib. 

Stephen and I went to look at a potential new apartment yesterday. We have been trying to choose between one floor plan and another, the difference being a few more square feet and $100 more in rent. We plan to live in our next abode for a few years at least so we want to make sure we make the right decision for the long term. The cheaper apartment was the one we went to see and though we liked the apartment itself, it is on the outskirts of the community, facing a busier street. Turns out the more expensive place is on the same street as the two other couples from our church who live there (one of which is expecting twins in April - crazy right!?) and I think that will end up being the one we go with. It's bigger and I just have a gut feeling that we will really need the extra space. There are pros and cons to both places but when I made a list yesterday there were and equal number of each for both places so.. location wins out it seems. 

I will leave you with this humorous story from Stephen and one of his students:

Student handing Stephen a brochure for a ski resort in Colorado: "You should really come on our ski trip Mr. Shingler!!!"
Stephen: "Thanks man but there is no way I can afford that!"
Student: "What do you mean? All you have to pay for is the plane fare and the lift ticket - come on.."
Stephen: "That's not all I'd have to pay for man! Where am I gonna sleep?" 
Student brandishing the brochure: "Here!"
Stephen: "Right.. can't afford it."
Student: "You wouldn't have to pay for that part!"
Stephen: "What do you mean?"
Student: "We own it. We just have to give them a couple weeks notice."

Ah the joys of teaching at a private school :)


Tracy said...

Yay Girl for the pants... glad you keep getting kisses from the Lord. You're amazing and those babies just brighten my day when I see them... ahhh I just wanna kiss those cheeks!!
Love you

Kristin Schoolfield said...

Yeah for the pants!!! Sounds like the apt situation is good...I can't believe y'all are going to be living by each other. I really like those houses.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sara & Stephen.... yeah for the cords Sara.. you go girl. I am all about those straight leg cords. I am happy to see the girls enjoying their snuggle blankets. Yeah... they are so very cute. I can not wait to see them Christmas. I hear ya'll are all coming to Tally for Christmas. The Bass family will drive down to see you all. Yeah... Love you all...Aunt Mindy

Christa said...

You have been tagged!! Not that you have the time to do this, but if you want something fun to take your mind off fussy might enjoy this. See my blog for details. Love you

Anonymous said...

Wonderful to see and read how well things are going. The pics are so cute with all their smiles and animations. You have made it over the hump and with no long colic bouts. You are just super parents. Nice to have visits too. I do hope you will make it south and show off those twins. Love you. G-Grandma