Friday, November 21, 2008


Well life did not stand still after I was able to fit into my green pants.. thought it must seem like it as I have not posted since that moment. The truth is that aside from being a little busy, there have been so many happenings that I felt overwhelmed when considering how document it all here so I just stayed away. Anyway, I am back now. These are a few recent (as in yesterday) shots of Ada and Margot. Aren't they getting big?!

These adorable little sleepers are from Aunt Sheila and Uncle Lewis. Thanks guys!!! 

Boy do these girls love to smile. They smile when they wake up in the morning, after a feeding, while they are getting dressed for the day, when they get up from a nap.. in the bathtub.. the list goes on and on. They seem to get happier and be more content with each passing week. 

SO much has happened since my last post..and some even happened before that but I didn't get to post about so here is a laundry list of highlights:

- Went to dinner with my Dad's good friend Don and his wife Nicki at Don's daughter Wendy's home. She made a fantastic dinner and we got to meet her family and we all juggled cranky babies and generally had a great time visiting. I have been hearing about my Dad's friend "Barker" ever since I can remember and it was such a treat to get to meet the man behind the stories. I only wish I had been able to take more time to visit and one day I hope we can pack up our little family and head out to AZ for a visit. Wendy's sweet daugher, Kendall, even gave the girls one of her dolls for them to take home with them. Such a precious visit. 

- Grammy Mary and Grandpa Larry came to visit!!! We had a blast and took advantage of their being here by heading out on our own in the afternoons and leaving them with the ladies. We had a great visit as always but I got about 4 pictures and none of them are very good :( Mary was there with me when Margot giggled for the first time which was pretty special. 

- My Mom came over and cooked us a full on turkey dinner - early Thanksgiving. SO good and we had loads of leftovers.. can't wait for the real deal next week!

- Aunt Margie came to visit the girls while she was here with Uncle Gavin for a conference in Raleigh. She brought a bag of goodies as well :) It was so wonderful to visit with her and I must add a bit surreal to have her in my home .. I mean.. she is the grown up..I  am the kid.. right? I still feel that way.. felt sort of like I was inviting her into my play house :) Fun house is more like it these days :)

- Stephen turned 28.. yay!!!

- We have already had snow flurries twice this week..I hope this means we are headed for a cold winter around here. That would really make Stephen happy :)

there may be things I am forgetting but that should at least catch us up a bit..

Normally I go grocery shopping when Stephen gets home from work (or sometimes after the girls go down at 8). Usually I come home to the scene above or similar. This week I got the bright idea to take one of them with me to the store. Why didn't I think of that before!? I got to spend one on one time with Margot while we roamed the aisles together with cart and Baby Bjorn, and Stephen and Ada got to hang out while we were gone. I think I will definitely do that again. 

It never ceases to amaze me the way one baby  can cry right next to the other and the other may join in or may just ignore the ruckus. 

Ada is getting VERY strong.. yes Ollie is bathing himself in the background of this picture but it was the best one I have of her demonstrating her feats of strength so.. I think her cuteness outweighs his lack of decorum in the moment. Margot is getting strong as well but in this picture she was taking a break. 

Ada considering Grandpa Larry. 

My one pathetic picture of everyone together from the recent visit. Gotta get the whole picture taking thing together for the holidays!!!!

Ada and Margot - The Latest

They have both laughed several times and are THIS CLOSE to rolling over. They are going down like clockwork each night at 8pm and each wake only once.. Margot slept right through the night without a single peep one night this week. Margot is my amazing sleeper. She really seems to get it. I can put her down for a nap and even if she is not falling asleep yet she will lay there and smile and talk to herself before she drifts off. Ada is still working on it but naps faithfully in the swing on those days that Mommy needs to get things accomplished around the house. I am going to be more strict about training her to nap in the crib in the coming weeks. They have both napped so well this week. I can almost set my watch by them. They get a little fussy about 10 minutes before 9am and 10 minutes before 1pm and by 9 and 1 respectively they are fast asleep and stay that way for the full 2 hours until their next scheduled feeding. They are reaching for the toys dangling from their bouncy seats and kicking and splashing in the tub. They are growing too fast!!!! The older they get, the more sure Stephen and I are that we want a big family. Having kids is just so incredible. 

Parentals - The Latest

We are doing well but (of course) missing New York in this cold season. We sit around the dinner table reciting memories and stories from this time last year. I am getting a handle on the cooking and shopping in the house - I actually made  a pot roast tonight with carrots, potatoes and onions.. green beans on the side.. it was so good. It's nice to feel domestic for the first time in about 5 years. 

I am sure I could go on and on with this but I need to get to bed so I am going to stop here and hit the hay. 


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful Saturday morning treat, to sip my tea and feel like I had just visited your home. Thanks, Sarah for posting. The girls have grown in just two weeks. Love the smiles and can almost hear the giggles. Can't wait for Christmas. Ada, there will be lots to look at for you, and Margot you will not be short of people to visit with. Stephen we will pray for snow!! And Sarah, well you can take as many naps as you want and there will be lots of foot rubs. Love, Grammy M

Jeremy said...

great pics.... Fun to see them getting a little puggy in the cheeks. Miss you guys. Talk to you later.

Tracy said...

We can't WAIT to see you guys.. thanks for the update, you know we check ALL the time. They look so much like you and Stephen! The holidays are going to be great, you two are such wonderful parents.

Love you Aunt Tracy...the "Fav"