Sunday, April 19, 2009

Big Girls

On Wednesday, the girls fed themselves with absolutely no help from Mom, for the very first time. No spoon feeding for these little ladies. At least not for dinner.. eating yogurt with your hands is a little tricky. 

They had Mac n' Cheese with steamed mixed veggies. 

Ada was particularly thrilled with this new skill. 

Margot also enjoyed being able to control what when and how much she was eating. 

On that subject.. Margot is still battling this whole fever monster. She woke up this morning with a whopping 104.5 temp. I almost burned my hand picking her up. Her temp finally broke after her extended afternoon nap, which Ada decided to skip... we are wiped out. She is being a real trooper but man.. having sick little ones is just exhausting. I spent two hours this morning holding a very uncomfortable feverish, trembling Margot who was so sad and pathetic she could do nothing but sit in my arms, clutching my neck and laying her head on my shoulder. Pitiful little creature. 

We are facing another week after being cooped up indoors all weekend.. well except for the hour or so we spent outside yesterday in the sunshine after Margot's fever broke. I can not deny that my spirits are a bit low, but we keep smiling and hoping that tomorrow will bring a fever free day for little M and that Ada will escape without catching this bug herself. 

Homemade pizza for dinner again. Mmmmm. Shingler out. 

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Momma B. said...

We had that same bug back in February. I have four kids and it did go through them all but super quickly. My sweet Elise suffered on with that silly fever for two weeks....BUT the good news is that it did eventually end! I hope it won't take that long for you! I still twitch when I think of those long weeks sequestered inside the walls of our home! I will be praying for your sweet girls AND for you!