Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!

Ada and Margot were so happy to rejoice with us this morning in celebration and remembrance of our Savior's resurrection. He conquered death so that we might live and that is certainly worth singing about - which both girls did all through worship before and after the message this morning... just as those folks standing nearby...

Ada looks like she might slip off the chair at any moment but Daddy was standing nearby so.. she was safe.

Oliver didn't understand what all the fuss was about but politely requested that we put his bed back in his chair so he could get on with his afternoon of napping.

Easter egg (a little monozygotic humor)

They are getting to be a real lap full

Smiling at Daddy..

Ada waving bye-bye :)

Hope everyone out there is having a wonderful Sunday enjoying time with your family and friends - there is nothing finer. 


Anonymous said...

So cute to have all of you pose in the chair ;o)

Hope you all had a great Easter!
Mariel, John & Z

Firefly said...

Amazing photographs guys. The girls are getting cuter by the day. Thanks for sharing your Easter with us. > Dad

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how photographic this family is- children, parents and grandparents. Ada and Margo are so cute. How could they get any cuter? I had a wonderful Easter as well as a terrific 80th birthday. My daughters did a bang-up job of making it the best ever. I am sure Mary told you all about it. Easter was lovely too with Laurie and family. Stephen, that was a super playhouse you made and those girls are sure enjoying it too. Sarah, take care of yourself. I hope your beach holiday worked out. Love, G-Granmother.

Michelle D said...