Thursday, October 27, 2011

Notes from the cave

10 points if you can find the baby in this picture! The migraines are back. Sigh. So I am living without ice cream and butter and still getting the blasted things. This falls under the category of unfair in my world. Life is unfair right? Right.

So life the last two weeks, between my fight with depression and my fight with recurring migraines that I don't want to acknowledge, has been a bit dim. The blinds have been closed more than I like to keep out the beautiful bright sunshine.. and help me keep the nausea at bay. The girls have decided that they love to wear their nightgowns now instead of just panties. This is an improvement because at least they are covered. Too bad they won't wear them at night! They are so proud of themselves for putting them on on their own, and they tell me how beautiful they look in their "princess ballerina dresses" that I can't resist letting them have this little luxury. I am thankful they understand that they aren't allowed to wear them out of the house so that is a fight that we don't have to wage.

Margot is a hoarder. Can you guess which crayon cup is hers? I find little stashes of toys in every cabinet and bag that she can get access too. I am sure I am over thinking this issue but of course I wonder... does she get enough individual attention? Does she have enough things that are just hers? Or is she just a selfish sinner like the rest of us? My heart has been really burdened for her lately.. praying for ways to get into that little heart of hers. Mostly the answer has been to just shower her with love and affection.

And now.. I have to go pack up for our trip tomorrow. We are going to New York. Yes at long last we are going back to the city. We will only be there for a couple of days and we are leaving the big girls here with mom and dad.. but I am excited and nervous. Can't decide if I am more excited or more nervous but either way.. I can't wait.


Wendy said...

Hooray, my friend!!!! I hope the migraines abate for you to truly, madly enjoy that City we both love so much!! Have a fantastic time, take lots of pictures, and ENJOY!!!! :-)

Michael Paul said...

Wow! Have a great trip; I hope the migraines take a vacation, too.

L said...

We are SO excited to see you guys!!!!! What are all your dietary rules? I MIGHT be able to cook something for dinner...