Sunday, January 01, 2012

Cousins.. and summation

..Aunt Laurie her boys (Uncle John included) came with Great Grandma since they are so close by now..

..some silly little girls wore the exact same outfit every day for 10 days.. I had two sets of each and I did laundry more than twice..

..big cousins..

..little cousins.. cousins..

..sweet Great Grandma Elsie finally got to meet Frankie.. summation.. there were lots of tickles.. lots of giggles.. a few tears (from kids and we parents alike).. loads of sunshine.. very few headaches.. lots of food confusion over newly discovered food allergies..lots of early mornings and late nights..walks and Christmas lights..

..naps while watching Winnie-the-Pooh...

... and on the nights that Frankie couldn't get to sleep we swung together on the new rope swing that Stephen and Uncle Nathan put up... it was just as magical and relaxing as it sounds.
2012 here we come.


Michael Paul said...

Oh no! - more food allergies?! We've added to ours, too. Let me know if you need more recipes, or just someone with a sympathetic ear. Thinking of you all; the pictures are wonderful! -Megan

Sarah said...

Thanks Megan. Food allergies for David.. though i am pretty sure my girls are allergic to Gluten too.. but I just can't bring myself to cut that out.. what else have you guys found you are allergic too?! Your recipes are always welcome by the way :)

Michael Paul said...

Gloria graduated to ALL dairy, Jesse has soy, and likely dairy, and seems peanuts, too. We've had one soy exposure after another this season:( and I've finally resigned myself to packing all my own food, and never eating out. Hopefully I can get a handle on it before he is actually eating food.
How are Frankie's sensitivities?

Gluten-free girl is AWESOME. You might check out her latest cookbook if you think you need to give up gluten.

The upside of food allergies is that we are eating more interesting food, and better food, than we ever did before!

Happy New Year to you all! -Megan