Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Hello. My name is Sarah and this is me about 5 years ago(?) It was laundry day and this was all that was clean in my closet.. I had just showered and was supposed to be packing for a trip down south but was instead playing with my new digital camera. I remember being slightly embarrassed when I decided to keep this picture. I knew one day that I would look back at it and be a bit jealous of how fit I was then. I wanted to be able to look back and remember how fit I was. I hoped that I would always be that fit.. but I was pretty sure the day would come when I wouldn't be.. that day is today. Well really it was like 3 and 1/2 years ago when I got my first stretch mark on my boob when I was pregnant with the twins. I told myself I would work out and "get my body back" once I stopped nursing but when I was able to fit into my pre-preggo jeans without any working out I just decided that was good enough. So my abs were split and my tummy was a little soft... at least I could fit into my clothes... I would tone up soon. I was ok with being 10 lbs heavier than before I got pregnant.. I told myself I looked more like a real mom with a little more meat on my bones. Then I had Frankie.. another baby.. more meat on the other meat. I am meaty. Mighty meaty. Yesterday I took steps to become a bit less so. I have been a member at my gym for over a year. I have swum many a lap but never stepped foot in the actual gym part of the gym. I had a coupon for a free health evaluation thingy and I used it. I knew I was in "bad" shape and I was prepared for the worst. 28% body fat... needs to be more like 18%... Need to lose 26 lbs of fat and gain 7 lbs of lean muscle.. that means all in all I need to lose 19 lbs. I came in wanting to lose about 20 so this was no surprise. In order to come by this information I had to do a series of rigorous 1 minute tests.. like how long can you hold a wall sit etc. Today I am in agony. How the heck am I supposed to actually go through with the planned workouts if I can't even climb a set of stairs the next day?! Focus, Sarah. The reason for all this very personal information is so that I can keep myself accountable. I am going to do this. I know my DDs will never be those cute, perky (sorry Dad and Larry and any other men in my family that read this) little Bs they once were.. that's ok. I am going to get as close as I can to the me in that picture up there. In 6 months. That is the goal. I want to feel healthy again and I want to feel like me again. I have never done this before. Never worked out to lose weight. So here we go. Wish me luck, and please.. please don't be a hater.


jmbollman said...

Sarah, I'm about 9 months from exactly where you are right now. I started my first gym membership 9 months after Noelle was born (coincidentally my 3rd baby too!). The working out served multiple purposes: most importantly my hormones were all over the place and for the first time I felt uncontrollably "down"; I needed an outlet; I needed exercise; I needed to lose weight.

Thankfully all of the needs I mentioned above have successfully been met and physically, mentally and emotionally I've never felt better. This keeps me motivated to continue exercising as I see the benefits daily. I hope this encourages you as well. (Not to mention, the DD's I was once rockin'...the ones I thought would never go away, that I told myself i was "okay" with...have gladly made themselves less noticeable ;)

Ellen said...

I'll be joining you in a year.... after I wean Ben. =) 20 lb. is doable. I'm sure I need to lose at least that myself. No hating here.

Anonymous said...

DDs! Totally with you there - I was SHOCKED the first time I measured myself for a nursing bra!

Totally know how you're feeling, and behind you 100%!


Sarah said...

Thank you so much you guys! Much needed encouragement :)

J. said...

yay I'm so proud of you sarah! just think, it's like running a marathon without training. You had the eval, and now you can start slow and show your body who's boss :)

L said...

OMG. You look damn good now!! That picture is INSANE.

Let me know how carving out the time for yourself goes. A never ending challenge :)