Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wee Hours

Why is it so hard for me to go to bed on Sunday night? I know I will be tired tomorrow morning. Yet I can't stop rifling through photo files on the computer. Checking FB to see if there is anything new there.. making sure my email inbox is telling the truth about not having anything new in it. Sigh. I am not ready for the week to start. I am never ready for the week to start. The weekends are always too short. Tonight I even found an old picture from Stephen's trip to Greece several years ago. Look at that guy standing there in .. Corinth? Worlds away from where I was at that moment. I was here, moving us from one townhouse to this house down the street (with the help of friends and family of course). Tomorrow I go with my Dad to look at the new house one more time to see how much paint we might need and take some measurements and such. Three weeks.. the closing is in three short weeks. I have got to get it together and start accomplishing some things around here!!! And on that note I will end this achingly dull post and go to bed.


Larry said...

I know all about the wee hours; bought the t-shirt, skipped the tattoo. At least there's peace in embracing the Lord of the night-watch. -Psalm 4:7-8

Exciting changes are truly coming! A home for the holidays sweet Sarah... How cool is that!

stephen said...

Ephesus :)