Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hello everyone. Missed me? Well I can tell you I have loads of fun and cute pictures to post and fun and cute stories and events to recount but right now I am just sending this out to ask for prayer.. please ya'll.. pray for us. We are worn thin.. worn very very thin. Stephen is out walking Ada right now who has refused to stop screaming at the top of her lungs for most of the morning. Margot is sleeping in the swing but when she wakes up she will be screaming again too I am sure.. they have been cluster feeding in the AM .. as in... the early AM.. every hour or so..for the last 2 weeks.. and not napping very well during the days.. unpredictable... shower? What is that? No rest during the days rest during the nights.. I am venting here but seriously.. it has been a rough time. That coupled with the fact that we are crammed in our living space and have no time to look for or apply for a new place to live just makes life that much more difficult.. life with twins is sort of kicking our tails at the moment. So all of you worriers out there.. please don't worry.. please just pray. This is normal.. we know this.. this too shall pass and all of that.. I am just trying to be as real as I have always been on this blog and right now that means asking for some serious prayer. We need patience, wisdom, and rest.. rest.. rest.. again.. no worrying.. please.. this is normal.. put that effort into prayer. I promise to try to get it together enough to show everyone the most recent bright moments and cute photos we have very very soon.. sorry to be a downer but.. I am feeling pretty down at the moment. 


Anonymous said...

Prayers are being prayed even now as I post this comment. Thanks for being so real sweet girl. I will pray you get just what you need this week...Hugs and kisses to the fussy faces. Love you, Mary
Oh, I just wanted to let you know I found some great warm sleepers afterall. Will bring them all when we come.

Tracy said...

Have been praying for you daily, the Lord has had you on my mind alot. You are right about one thing, this too will pass.. and these times will all just be a memory. I promise :-) I wish I could get up there to be with you, but Vince is traveling again soon and with the kids activities we are worn thin too.. the only difference is we get to sleep at night!! I love you all and I pray that they will sleep sleep sleep.