Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Night Swimming

The girls and I look forward to Stephen coming home in the afternoon. They have usually just finished eating and are full and happy and ready to play and visit for about 30 minutes before the evening fussy time begins. 

This afternoon, Margot decided to show off for Daddy and prove just how strong she is becoming. She is lifting that noggen all on her own :)

Ada was helping me with the dishes in the kitchen and Oliver was standing watch over us all. 

Sleep training has lately felt like treading water. Working really hard to keep afloat but not seeming to make much progress for the work being expended. For the last two nights in a row, I have knelt by the crib on my knees and sang the girls to sleep, while rocking their little bellies with my hands as they work their binkies and stare up at me with heavy eyelids. I am not sure who has enjoyed this more, me or the babies. I remember my Mom singing and reading to me until I fell asleep at night. How safe I felt when I drifted off knowing that I was not alone. Aunt B used to sing to me in the dark of my room at the little white house at 311. Hearing her voice in the dark used to calm my fears about my parents being absent. I have been faithfully following this whole sleep training thing for 2 weeks now and yesterday I realized I might have been too rigid and possibly even misinterpreted something. There is still that initial bout of crying after their last feeding, and I am not letting them fall asleep in my arms, but I think comforting them while remaining next to the crib.. no matter how long it takes for them to drift off.. is more my speed this week. They slept for a longer period of time last night too. This is one of those moments when I really feel like a mother. Having those girls stop their crying to listen to my singing makes my (lately easily discouraged) heart soar.

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Anonymous said...

My Sweet Sarah, Some of my fondest memories are of baking cookies while you sat on the kitchen counter with your feet in the silverware drawer, playing little pony in the back yard, and singing you and John to sleep. I look forward to doing those things with the girls! Much Love, Aunt B