Monday, October 27, 2008


.. that beautiful Aunt Linda came to visit us recently..

.. and that her equally beautiful daughter Leah came with her..

..that we had a fabulous fabulous visit with Elsie while she was here and really enjoyed getting to spend time with Linda and Leah as well..

..that Margot loves Great Grandma's kisses..

..that Ada still loves to be held upside down and on her side..

..that Margot still loves being snuggled upright..

..that crying is contagious.. 

..that Ada started it :) ..

..that we persevered through the crying and dressed up and took the girls to see Cinderella and the set that Daddy designed anyway.. we all hung out in the "cry room" so we could still see the play but make sure that we didn't distract any attention from the actors :)..

..that Ada has a beautiful little smile..

..that Margot has an equally beautiful little happy face..

..that Mom actually ordered a pizza for dinner on Saturday.. kinda hard to cook when a certain Margot won't let you put her down..

..that Ada can think deep thoughts..

..that Daddy doesn't scare her.. yet :)

... proof that our days have not been all bad and that I was just venting when I posted yesterday. We love these little guys so much and they are so sweet these days.. they don't mean to be difficult. Parenting is just difficult.. whether you have 1 baby or 12 teenagers. Thanks for the prayers.. we got much better sleep last night and are ready to face the week with a smile. 


Tracy said...

Ok I am just bawling my eyes out! What precious pictures...They look so much like Stephen at that age, of course I'm sure there is some Sarah in there, just haven't seen pics of you at that age :-) It will get better I promise! Just know that Aunt Tracy is steadfastily(is that a word??) praying for all of you! I love you !

Kristin Schoolfield said...

I love the pictures!!!!!!! Margot and Ada are getting so big and have so many different expressions. Hope you are well and wanted to let you know that I've been thinking about you and praying for you guys :)

MrsGardner said...

They are ADORABLE! Man, Ben is really going to have a tough time one day surrounded by such cuteness! Praying for you and miss you. Ready for a walk when you are : )

Amy said...

Children are so paradoxical -- beautiful, sweet, charming and yet can get us at our wits end. It amazes me after the fact that I can get so frustrated with them over an hour long discussion about socks and how they have bumps and are uncomfortable....things that make perfect sense to them are completely different from the things that make sense to me. But I am grateful for them and everything that goes with them -- I have learned so much about myself from the past 9 years of being a mom -- it isn't all pretty, but I am so thankful that through them God teaches me about myself and my need (and their need) for Him. Thanks for sharing your proof of the good days/moments. It is good to reflect on His blessings.

Julie said...

wow...Ollie is great at taking pictures of the 4 of you. it's a little blurry, but that's understood with his little puppy paws. bravo, Oliver, bravo.

Nicole Mc Intosh said...

The girls are becoming more and more beautiful with each picture I see of them. You guys are doing a wonderful job raising them and our thoughts and prayers are always with you. When Deanna drives me up a wall (she has her moments...) I end up saying to myself "If one child can do this to me, I wonder how Sarah and Stephen are doing..."
We are all sending our love to you and Bianca sends a big "ruff" to Ollie!
Can't wait to check up on you again, soon.

Anonymous said...

I miss you all so much. It was such a joy to see and hold those precious little girls-what memories it brought back. Your homey place is comfy and so well organized. Ada and Margot are the sweetest, cuddliest little angels in the world. I just loved being with all. Thanks so much for having us there I had a nice visit with Carl, Linda and Leah. Had to go back to Leah's and bring some warm sweaters so we met half way and had a day shopping. My trip home went well, bought my new washer on Monday and spent Halloween with Mark and David. It has been a great time for me and can only wait until I see you all again soon. G-Grandma