Friday, October 03, 2008

Plus 2

It was very chilly when we took Daddy to work early this morning.. we had to bundle up in our favorite snuggly blankets from Aunt Mindy and our special Peruvian alpaca woven hats from Grandpa Larry...

..and our binkies of course. 

A very small Margot bean who decided to plant herself during play time. Meanwhile her sister was napping peacefully in the swing.. and yes I did move Margot into the crib.. but not until I had eaten my lunch ;) You never know how long such moments of peace and quiet will last and thus it is imperative that they be taken advantage of. 

Netflix arrived yesterday baring the second DVD of "John and Kate Plus Eight". Ever since we found out we were having twins, everyone under the sun has asked us if we have seen this show; to which we reply with a very lame "No..we don't have cable." Thankfully it was out on DVD and we have now watched both seasons.. are there more? What a fabulous confidence booster they are. We sit and watch them expertly managing their household with all the ups and downs that come along and we feel so relaxed.. so calm and blessed. I feel like I can take on the world after watching Kate make lunch for her 8. If she can do it.. man think of what I could do with all my energy! 

Keeping strict to the schedule has worked like a charm this week. They have napped in some way  shape or form every day. Last night it only took about 50 minutes to get them to sleep.. and they stayed asleep on their own until each woke for her respective early A.M. snack. Stephen helped out last night so we each took turns at the 3 minute marks. It's nice to share such things. It's nice to be married to someone who wants to share such things :)

Homecoming is tonight and we are planning to attend with the girls. They went to the game last Friday as well and did wonderfully so .. crossing fingers. Go Warriors!!! 


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to see how good I am at telling the girls apart. In the picture with their hats on is Ada the one with the pacifier? Thanks for posting some awake pics. I was really wanting to see them today! So glad the sleepers fit. Have fun at the game. Love you, Grammy Mary

Ellen said...

Ok, the one of the girl with the binky is enough ta make your heart ache, its so cute.

SMS said...

girl with binky is Margot : )