Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Ada discovered her bookshelf today.

A whole new world of amusement at her very fingertips.

I love those tiny fingers, that look of ultimate concentration.

She managed to get her Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings book down but.. alas was unable to return it to it's rightful spot.. we will work on that in the coming months.

Just wait until I take her to the library!

Meanwhile Margot busied herself with attempts to make a call on my cell.

She did a few push ups to show that she is ready to do some scootin' soon, just like her sister.

But mostly she just played airplane and smiled that heart melting smile of hers. How precious it is to experience the joys in every day life through the eyes of your children.


Christa said...

Sarah, I love seeing the girls and how much they have grown. Love and miss you guys!

Tracy said...

precious precious... aunt tracy loves those girls... i want to read to them, i'm coming early summer.... that's a promise...

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