Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday afternoon

It's another rainy Sunday around our house. Perfect for tea, cookies, and the ACC championship game between FSU and Duke. We are all pulling for FSU but.. so far.. they are a little.. behind. Hope that changes in this next half. Go Seminoles! Even Ada and Margot are doing the chop.

We are having Spiced Braised Beef with Sweet Potatoes for dinner tonight (recipe from our friend Pam) and as it is currently slow cooking it's way to perfection.. the air in our house is scented with spices (ginger, cumin, cinamon and cayenne pepper) and smells oh so comforting.

The last time Mom and Dad came to visit, they brought a truck load of food (thanks you guys!). In that truck load was a half a box of Oreo's from Costco. The box was so sturdy and colorful I had trouble parting with it and figured I would store some baby stuff in there until the girls were big enough to be interested in playing with it (toddlers love stuff like that). Well, that day has arrived apparently. Ada spent most of her post-lunch hour scooting across the carpet to reach the brightly colored box. We moved it, she giggled and scooted for it. I love that kids are amused by such simple things. Glad I kept this thing around since she is not that interested in traveling to reach her own toys.

Two girls after Uncle Page's heart. If I remember correctly, you love Oreo's .. am I right, Page?

After Mommy's camera strap.

Ok Grandpa Larry, she is fascinated with the hair wrap from Ecuador. Feel like heading south with a twin or two? Get ready!!

Ok. So here is my victory for the week. Ever since our girls learned to turn over, they have been getting their arms and or legs caught in the bars of their cribs. It doesn't hurt them, but it does make it difficult for them to settle down and take a nap. These episodes come and go. Some weeks they don't get stuck at all and I think they have figured it all out. Then there comes a week when they are stuck constantly. I have been meaning to order some mesh crib "bumper pads" for months but they are not super cheap and I guess I kept putting it off because I thought they would outgrow it any day. They didn't. I then got the bright idea to go and buy tulle and weave it in and out of the bars and tie it in the front. I finally made it to WallyWorld and noticed that right above the tulle in the fabric department was netting that was only .77 a yard! I got ten yards for (can you do the math?) $7.70 and thought if my idea didn't work at least I wouldn't have wasted too much cash.

I wove the netting in and out of the bars of the cribs, around the back head board, pulled it all super duper tight, and then tied it in a big double knot around the front head board. Trimmed the ends and viola! Turns out I am a good estimator as 10 yards was the prefect amount of fabric and it works like a charm!

No more frightened screams from the babies room and they are even sleeping better during nap time. Why oh WHY didn't I go and do this sooner!?!??! I know it looks pretty girly with the big bow and all that but.. they are I think I am ok with it.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, I don't have any personal experience with these kinds of things, but I'm quite impressed with your ingenius use of tulle to keep the girls "in". Smart thinking, it seems! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the big bow. Great idea. Send it to Good Housekeeping or Parent Magazine. Other mothers need to know about it. Ada is so cute going after Daddy's phone. Sleep all night? what a relief. You have energy to do all that you do. I just love your photos. They mean so much to me. Love, G-Grandma

wendy woolery said...

Hi guys! I remember you guys saying Stephen had family in Tallahassee (or maybe my dad told me) but didn't know you were seminole fans!! That picture of Stephen looked much like Keith did on Sunday! Are you glad to see the sun again? The girls are adorable and growing fast. Glad all are sleeping all night!