Sunday, March 08, 2009


It has been awhile.. so instead of trying to catch everyone one up on everything let me just say that we are enjoying some very... VERY.. fine weather here in Raleigh and here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. The little girls are.... sitting up on their own, eating Gerber Puffs (for the first time today!!).. playing and being as adorable as always.. hope you all enjoy this update in pictures..

Margot... so warm yesterday that we could put on real summery clothes.

Ada the future photographer..

Thoughtful Ada.

Playing in the sunshine.

Margot and Daddy

Margot looking like a doll..

Reading Aunt Judy's book

At the park

We love to swing

Margot in the kitchen

Ada loves peas

So does Margot


Ellen said...

No way! Margot actually got to wear that outfit I bought. I'm glad it didn't go to waste... =)

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much Sarah for the pictures. They made my day!!

L said...

Too cute, Sarah! Your life looks so lovely from NYC - green grass, sunshine, a loving hubby and three adorable little ones. Heavenly.

kate said...

Okay so when you told me the girls were sitting on there own i kind of pictured wobbly babies--but they look like they have grown sooo much since CHristmas!!!They are gorgeous-- you look great Sarah:)--love you!!

Tracy said...

I tried really hard to reach through the screen and pick them up... :-( didn't work. I miss you guys so much. Enjoy these times....makes me think of Kaitlyn at that age in Greensboro, the weather was simply fabulous... lots of play ground and stoller time! Love you guys

Anonymous said...

Oh, how much they have grown! It is so sweet of you to send these gorgeous baby doll pictures. Everyone looks so happy swinging, sitting on the grass with Mommy or being held by that happy Daddy. I just want to reach out and hug you all. Love, G-Grandma

Kim said...

Awesome pictures Sarah! Thanks for sharing!