Friday, March 13, 2009

Managing the familiar

It's Friday night. How sweet that sounds. Stephen came home today with a little treat, courtesy of John - Thanks for the fun $$ John. We like to drink our beer in completely inappropriate glasses. We used to have two snifters but.. alas one of them broke. So I am having my treat in my personalized chalice that was made for me by David - Thanks David. This night is brought to us by our brothers. So nice.


The babies are asleep and Stephen is making home- made pizza while I fold laundry. Things are good. The babies do have colds but they are in pretty good spirits, considering. Stephen is on the phone talking art with a friend who works at the art museum here. Things are feeling very familiar again in our house. We sleep through the night, all 5 of us. That was pretty life changing really. I have kicked the procrastination bug and am working on managing this house and my babies the very best that I can. To that end, I have ceased to try and clean the whole place in one day as this always feels insurmountable and ends up not happening as a result. Instead I have portioned out my chores so that I only have one big house keeping task each day. It goes like this:

Mondays: Clean all the bathrooms, wash bathroom linens
Tuesdays: Vacuum the house
Wednesdays: Mop the linoleum and dust
Thursdays: Change all beds and do laundry
Friday: Free day ( do anything that didn't get done during the week... prepare for the weekend )
Saturday: Relax..
Sunday: Relax..

So far this plan has been working out very well, but it does leave me with very little time to mess around on the computer during the day. I find that I am able to accomplish my household task each day and also play with, love on, and take care of the babies, make all their food and feed them, take walks, keep the house picked up and actually prepare dinner - who knew!? Somehow allowing myself the manageable accomplishment of one "major" task a day leaves my mind clear of the stress I used to feel about cleaning. I get my one thing done and the rest of it has it's own day so .. I don't worry about it until it's day comes. I guess I am sort of a freak about house work but.. anyway..that is what is working for me.. keeping me sane right now. I am so much more relaxed when Stephen comes home because even if I haven't gotten my item finished I know what needs to be done and I can knock it out in short order while he plays with the babies. That means no guilt, and that is a great thing. I am horrible about carrying around loads of guilt, needlessly. When is guilt ever needed really?

The babies are as sweet as ever of course. Talking up a storm and loving life. We are loving watching them live it. They still are not crawling and though we are encouraging them in this direction we are not distressed that they have not taken off yet. They will get to it when they are ready.

Pizza is ready. Nitee nite.

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